Quarter Horses Some Amazing Stories And Horses Of History

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It is true that the Quarter Horse is one of the first breeds of horse that is native to The United States. The breeding of the Quarter horse was intended to produce a compact, heavily muscular horse. The colonial Americans loved short distance racing and the body style and build made the Quarter horse the right fit for their favorite past time. No one knew at that time they were also developing the perfect horse for many other great things. Later as the U.S. developed and moved west the Quarter horses for sale then were used for things other than a fun past time. They were said to have been born with the perfect sense to outmaneuver cattle of all kinds as well as have a great disposition so they were used often by farmers. Slowly the Quarter horse became the love of many all over the United States for various valid reasons. The Quarter horse I s considered an amazing horse breed and has been for many years. The great disposition of this horse breed makes it easy to fall for but the benefits that this breed caries makes it even easier to love. In the US many individuals own this horse breed for these great characteristics and more. With the horse breed being something that is great as a short distance runner and great as a personal horse the Quarter horse has become something that many want to own.

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