Quarter Horses Some Amazing Stories And Horses Of History

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It is true that the Quarter Horse is one of the first breeds of horse that is native to The United States. The breeding of the Quarter horse was intended to produce a compact, heavily muscular horse. The colonial Americans loved short distance racing and the body style and build made the Quarter horse the right fit for their favorite past time. No one knew at that time they were also developing the perfect horse for many other great things. Later as the U.S. developed and moved west the Quarter horses for sale then were used for things other than a fun past time. They were said to have been born with the perfect sense to outmaneuver cattle of all kinds as well as have a great disposition so they were used often by farmers. Slowly the Quarter horse became the love of many all over the United States for various valid reasons. The Quarter horse I s considered an amazing horse breed and has been for many years. The great disposition of this horse breed makes it easy to fall for but the benefits that this breed caries makes it even easier to love. In the US many individuals own this horse breed for these great characteristics and more. With the horse breed being something that is great as a short distance runner and great as a personal horse the Quarter horse has become something that many want to own.

Quarter Horse An American Legacy

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The Quarter horse breed is riddled with many great legendary horses. A Quarter horse favorite is the story of King. He himself never won any performance points but his legacy lives on to this day. He sired over 20 AQHA champions, 84 Performance Registers of Merit, and 12 Racing Registers of Merit to name a few. This legacy and bloodline has fed many of the past and some present bloodlines that surpass and win against others. Leo was also a well known Quarter horse who has a legendary bloodline. His offspring were considered to be very fast and athletic as well as many of the horses in his lineage have won titles, championships, and performance after performance. Not to mention the Leo bloodline has can be said to have been one of the top high quality Quarter Horse producers of his time. Lets also not forget the famous Quarter Horse Doc Bar. Many say that it is Doc Bars bloodline that has totally redefined the sport of the cutting horse. According to the AQHA their information on Doc Bar shows that he produced over 7,000 halter and performance points and 27 AQHA Champions. Not a bad legacy to have set in history. These great things are what makes Quarter horses for sale today so popular and wanted by the overall general public.

Oh To Be A Horse!

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Researching the species the horse we found many great things and amazing facts. Some of these amazing facts are unbelievable and others just made the staff here at Animaroo Horses a little jealous. For example, a hors only requires a total of 2 ½ hours of sleep each day. And most of that is in 15 minute increments. I immediately starting thing that I could accomplish so much more if I only needed a total of 2 ½ hours of sleep instead of 8 hours just to keep from feeling like I am going to pass out at my keyboard. I could accomplish world domination in that extra 5 ½ hours in a day! Ok well maybe not world domination but I could for sure accomplish laundry domination. My mind starting racing wondering what could I get done if I had an extra 5 ½ hours each day. I could accomplish not just the things that I need to do but some of the things that I wanted to do for fun that I never have time to learn. Like horseback riding! Yes I admit I work for a company that deals with horses and horse sales but I do not know how to ride a horse. I also could not tell the difference between a Quarter Horse and an Appaloosa. I am sure there are very distinguishing things about these breeds when compared to each other but none that my amateur eyes can see. None the less if I had 5 ½ hours extra in each day I am sure that I could learn to at least ride a horse. What on Earth would you be likely to do with 5 ½ extra hours in your day? Would it be creative or would it be restful? Most of the office staff here said they would just get more rest since they all work so hard and put in some long hours sometimes. I had to know what the other office staff decided they would do with their extra hours and I was shocked. Almost unanimously the all said “sleep”. After polling everyone in the office and realizing that the idea does sound a bit lazy I too would have to say a couple extra hours of sleep would be the thing that I would have to choose too.

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