The Nez Perce Indians History With The Appaloosa

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The northern tribes of the Nez Perce Indians were very well versed with the Appaloosa. They were actually very selective with the horses that were chosen to breed so as to produce the best quality Appaloosa horses around. The first time Meriwether Lewis saw the horse breed he was infatuated. It is even said he uttered “This horse breed appears to be an excellent race”. These great horses were the symbol of greatness that many associated to the Nez Perce tribes until the defeat of their tribe. The end of the Appaloosa was near until they were written about by a famous author who struck a cord in many of his readers and brought the breed back from almost utter extinction. Unfortunately today the breed is suffering once again with the crossing of the breed into other horses causing loss of confirmation and disposition. The Appaloosa has lost character and some have lost the idea behind trying to find the perfect horse for them within the Appaloosa breed. They have lost most of the vibrancy in their coat color as well as the character that are the breeds standards of today. The fight within this tragedy is that many people still love the breed and always will love the Appaloosa.

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