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The Appaloosa breed is known for many different things, but the thing that they are known the most for is, of course, their leopard spots. Their leopard spots are, of course, their trade mark that dates all the way back to Paleolithic era in Europe. Of course, if you are not interested in their spots, then you may like to know that they are a stock horse that is used for western riding disciplines. They can also be used in a lot of other activities like pleasure riding. A lot of women like to ride these horses for pleasure riding. This is because of their great spots. Of course, there is one thing that you have to know about the Appaloosas, and that is the fact that they do have a few other patterns. Most people only know them for their leopard print, but they do have a few other looks as well that we will cover.

Appaloosa horses are very stunning animals. They come in a wide variety of amazing colors and patterns. The popular look is, of course, the leopard print. However, there is also the blanket look, where the hip of the horse is covered in white and it extends all the way from the tail to the neck. It looks like a blanket is laid across the top of the horse. There is also the snowflake look. This is where the horse has white spots on it, or flecks, but it has a dark body type. The funny thing is that the number of spots on the horse actually increase in number and size as the horse gets older. There is also the varnish roan. This is where there are dark parts on the horse, usually the legs and the hand, and the rest of the body has spots of roaning over a very light colored body. This is another pattern that will change as the horse grows with age. The last look is called the frost look. This is very similar to the varnish look. However, the white hairs are limited to the back, loins, and the neck of the horse.

As you can see, there is a lot more to these Appaloosa horses than first meets the eye. They are great horses with great personalities. All you have to do is make sure that the horse you get is indeed a Appaloosas horse. A lot of people have turned down horses that where Appaloosas, because they did not know about the different coat colors. Now that you know about all the different colors they can come in, you will be able to study horses more carefully and make sure that you are getting a true Appaloosa horse. This is one of the best horses that you could choose to own. Mostly because of their willingness to try and please you. However, do not let that be the only reason why you get one of these horses. You better bet sure you like the look of them as well. These horses are great, and once you see one up close, you will see why.


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