Azteca Horses

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The Azteca was started in 1992 as a cross between the Andalusian and the American Quarter Horse. Some of the original crosses were also Andalusian Stallions and Criollo horses. In more recent years the Azteca qualities were bred to create a more suitable horse for riding culture in its Native Mexico. The Azteca can be very docile at times as well as lively. They are extremely mobile which is why they are such a popular horse breed. They are considered beauty in action with a more exquisite pace about them. These beautiful horses have big eyes that almost seem to speak to you about the personality of the horse you are standing near. Their necks are muscular and arched. They average around 14 to 15.2 hands high and have beautiful strong muscular legs. These Spanish descendant horses are a stunning breed and many people love the breed. Many of these people are also interested in the horses best interest in the case of being misused or mistreated and several national organizations have been founded to assist with the betterment of the breed and its protection. The Azteca is easy to fall in love with and not hard at all to train in most cases. Finding the right Azteca Foal is important in determining the horses ability as it grows.

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