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The Azteca Horse Breed

The Azteca Horse Breed

The Azteca is a breed of horse that is developed in Mexico. It is a very modern breed of horse that actually came about after combining three different kinds of horses. The horses that were added together are not horses that you would normally think of breeding together. The Azteca horses are made up of Iberian horses, American Quarter horses, and of course, the Criollo horse. When you are talking about Iberian horses, you may want to note that the Adalusian and Lusitano breeds are the ones that are used the most. After coming up with this horse, the Aztecas became known as the official horse of Mexico. Today we are going to talk a little bit more about this breed so that you can understand a little more about it. We are going to talk about its temperament, as well as its characteristics. Hopefully at the end you will see what a great horse the Aztecas really are.

The first thing to note is that the Azteca is not a breed that can be any smaller than 14.3 hands high. Although some feel that is not fair, the good news is that any solid coat color is actually permitted. The horse needs to be a very well balance breed. It can not be too tall and lean, and it can not be too short and stocky. This is a horse that has to be just right. The movements of this horse are very nice as well. That is why a lot of people like riding on theses horses. When you are on them, it is almost like you are floating on air. It is very smooth and nice. That is why a lot of women choose to ride Azteca horses over other ones. Of course, the Azteca breed is very strong and very dependable. In the end, you will see that the horse can be very proud as well. However, that is actually a good thing. That means that you can count on this horse for anything that you ask it to do.

Since the horse has a good personality, you can also use it in just about any kind of sporting event as well. Although they are not known as being the best horses in any sport, they are good all around. They are good at jumping, running, and dong trails. They do better in hot weather than most other horses, and that is a good sign. The males are very alert and proud, and the females seem to be very sweet. However, both types of horse are good overall. If you are looking for a horse that can meet a lot of demands, then this is the horse for you. It can do just about anything that you need it to do. If you are a horse person, then you are going to fall in love with Aztecas. They are great horses, and some of the best horses you can buy nowadays. Why waste your money on another horse that may not be as good? Azteca horses are well worth your time and money.


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