Appaloosa Horses for Sale

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Looking for Appaloosa horses for sale is as simple as choosing your breed right here on this site! This well-known horse breed is admired for its beauty, as well as its popular spotted coat. As with any breed of horse that has a breed registry, when you purchase an Appaloosa horse, you want to purchase from a quality breeder that has taken all of the necessary steps to provide you with a registered horse. Breeding is an important issue that buyers will want to have ready access to. That way, they can decide whether the Appaloosa horse is going to deliver the performance that they are hopeful for. Appaloosas are a breed of horse and not just a color pattern.There is so much more to an Appaloosa than just it’s colors because they have some fine and good quality characteristics.

The Appaloosa’s were first bred by Nez Perce Indians after they were introduced by the Spanish. The Nez Perce Indians practiced selective breeding hundreds of years ago and they would geld any appaloosa stallions that they thought were inferior to the others and would only breed their stallions with their very best mares. They produced a great combination of traits they needed for everyday uses. They had war horses, hunting horses, endurance horses and fast horses all in one beautiful all rounding horse. Amazing right?

According to the American Appaloosa Association, their height is usually between 14 to 16 hands high. They have an average weight of 500 Kilograms. They have amazing endurance and character which makes them a versatile breed. They can be called stubborn or cheeky by people who don’t know them, but it is because they are intelligent enough to have an opinion.

Just because they look different, it does not make them any less of a horse. Tell me you don’t think these horses are special? At the moment there are over 600,000 Appaloosa horses registered with the ApHC. Thats a lot of spots! They are extremely dependable and love to be loved!


Oh To Be A Horse!

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Researching the species the horse we found many great things and amazing facts. Some of these amazing facts are unbelievable and others just made the staff here at Animaroo Horses a little jealous. For example, a hors only requires a total of 2 ½ hours of sleep each day. And most of that is in 15 minute increments. I immediately starting thing that I could accomplish so much more if I only needed a total of 2 ½ hours of sleep instead of 8 hours just to keep from feeling like I am going to pass out at my keyboard. I could accomplish world domination in that extra 5 ½ hours in a day! Ok well maybe not world domination but I could for sure accomplish laundry domination. My mind starting racing wondering what could I get done if I had an extra 5 ½ hours each day. I could accomplish not just the things that I need to do but some of the things that I wanted to do for fun that I never have time to learn. Like horseback riding! Yes I admit I work for a company that deals with horses and horse sales but I do not know how to ride a horse. I also could not tell the difference between a Quarter Horse and an Appaloosa. I am sure there are very distinguishing things about these breeds when compared to each other but none that my amateur eyes can see. None the less if I had 5 ½ hours extra in each day I am sure that I could learn to at least ride a horse. What on Earth would you be likely to do with 5 ½ extra hours in your day? Would it be creative or would it be restful? Most of the office staff here said they would just get more rest since they all work so hard and put in some long hours sometimes. I had to know what the other office staff decided they would do with their extra hours and I was shocked. Almost unanimously the all said “sleep”. After polling everyone in the office and realizing that the idea does sound a bit lazy I too would have to say a couple extra hours of sleep would be the thing that I would have to choose too.

Appaloosa Horses for Sale

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The leopard Appaloosa horse, as it name suggests has a spotted coat like the leopards and is best known for its purposes as a stock horse. The appaloosa breed had been declined after 1877 Nez Perce war but a few of the dedicated horsemen had saved this beautiful breed of horses and their numbers increased slowly in the years to follow.

Appaloosa horses for sale are beautiful horses and the breed was declared the official state horses of Idaho in 1975 and are one of the most popular horses in the United States of America. The structure of the old breed was lean, tall and handsome although the new generation of the breed is much more muscular due to the advancement in their provided diet and exercise.

The Appaloosa is famous for its beautiful spotted coat, the spots generally occur on the lower back of the body, above the hind legs, muzzle and the genitalia. Their eyes have a white sclera and most of these horses have striped hooves.

The Western and English riders use this breed extensively and are used for a large number of games including pole bending and barrel racing. Generally used for middle-distance racing the Appaloosa hold the record of a whooping 4.5 furlongs, this was set in 1989.

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