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The mule horse for sale is an animal that a lot of people have heard about, but many people do not know how mules are made. Well, mule horses are the offspring of when you mix a male donkey with a female horse. From time to time, you can find a male horse that has mated with a female donkey, and that is called a hinny, but that is very uncommon. That is because the mule is a lot more easier to breed than a hinny. A mule is an animal that is normally going to weigh about 800 to 1000 pounds. The funny thing is that mule horses do not sound anything like a horse or a donkey, despite the fact that those are its parents. In fact, a mule has more of a whining noise that it makes. People say that it sounds like it starts off with a whinny noise and usually ends with a hee-haw. In a few cases, you can even have mules that will whimper instead of whine. As you can guess, the coat of the mule actually varies a lot. In fact, most mules are going to be based on the different varieties of horses.

So why do people like mules over other animals? Mostly because the mule is an animal that has sobriety, and patience. Not only that, but they are very sure footed. In fact, that is why a donkey and a horse were mixed. The mule is sure footed like the donkey, but it has the strength and the courage of the horse, which the donkey does not have. Usually, mules only work as working animals. In fact, a lot of people prefer to have working mules than horses. That is because the mule is an animal that shows less impatience under the pressure of very heavy loads. Also, mules have a lot tougher skin than horses, and thus, do not get hurt as easily. The good news does not stop there for mules, however. They also have harder hooves than horses, and they are naturally resistant to things like insects and diseases.

Thus, it seems like mules are better in just about every way. However, there are a few things that make horses better than mules. For example, the mule is an animal that is generally less tolerant towards dogs. Horses seem to get along well with dogs, for some funny reason. That is why horses and dogs can hunt together. However, the mule does not like dogs and usually cries a lot when they are around. Almost to the point where it could drive you crazy. Mules also have a bad habit of being able to strike out with their hooves in any direction. Horses are known to be able to do that backwards and that it is. However, mules have the ability to do that in any direction, and that includes sideways. They normally do not do that to humans, but they will put a dog in their place really fast.  Overall, mules are great to have around the farm to help you. However, if you are looking for something fast to ride on, the mule is not for you. It would be better to stick with a horse.

Appaloosa Horses for Sale

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Looking for Appaloosa horses for sale is as simple as choosing your breed right here on this site! This well-known horse breed is admired for its beauty, as well as its popular spotted coat. As with any breed of horse that has a breed registry, when you purchase an Appaloosa horse, you want to purchase from a quality breeder that has taken all of the necessary steps to provide you with a registered horse. Breeding is an important issue that buyers will want to have ready access to. That way, they can decide whether the Appaloosa horse is going to deliver the performance that they are hopeful for. Appaloosas are a breed of horse and not just a color pattern.There is so much more to an Appaloosa than just it’s colors because they have some fine and good quality characteristics.

The Appaloosa’s were first bred by Nez Perce Indians after they were introduced by the Spanish. The Nez Perce Indians practiced selective breeding hundreds of years ago and they would geld any appaloosa stallions that they thought were inferior to the others and would only breed their stallions with their very best mares. They produced a great combination of traits they needed for everyday uses. They had war horses, hunting horses, endurance horses and fast horses all in one beautiful all rounding horse. Amazing right?

According to the American Appaloosa Association, their height is usually between 14 to 16 hands high. They have an average weight of 500 Kilograms. They have amazing endurance and character which makes them a versatile breed. They can be called stubborn or cheeky by people who don’t know them, but it is because they are intelligent enough to have an opinion.

Just because they look different, it does not make them any less of a horse. Tell me you don’t think these horses are special? At the moment there are over 600,000 Appaloosa horses registered with the ApHC. Thats a lot of spots! They are extremely dependable and love to be loved!


Every Little Girl’s Dream

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It is a complete stereotype that all little girls want to own a horse, but unlike many other stereotypes, this is one that actually holds a lot of truth – the reality is that a lot of little girls do want to own a horse and if you want to make them as happy as you possibly can on a birthday or something, then getting them a horse is the best way to do so. There are many different places where you can find horses for sale but Animaroo is the could be the  best choice for you! If you manage to find one then you could make your girl as happy as possible and to give them the best birthday ever. It’s every little girl’s dream come true to get a horse, and it’s something that will make them incredibly happy – but it’s also a bit of a commitment. While all of us would like to find horses for sale for our daughters, it is not something that every Dad can afford – and even if you can afford the actual horse for sale there’s no guarantee that you will be able to look after it or have the space to keep it. Most of us also don’t know anything about horses in the first place so choosing them can be a little tricky.

Mustang Horse History

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The mustang horses for sale grew popular in North America after Spanish explorers introduced them in the 1500s. Although, the population of mustangs decreased drastically after the Anglo explorers arrived in the 1800s. Mustangs were still being over hunted and nearly became extinct in the 1960s. In 1971, the mustang gained federal protection under the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act. That act outlawed hunting, capturing, and branding any kind of wild horse in the United States. This law has been removed since then and mustangs are no longer protected.

Mustang breeds usually live in herds that consist of one male and eight females with a number of foals. At age two, male foals will be driven away by the males. Each mustang herd will inhabit its own territory! The mustang develops a low-nutrition diet made up of juniper plants, sagebrush, and coarse grasses. They have learned to survive because they know to dig around water holes and smash frozen streams for water.

Mustangs breed between April and July. Pregnant mares then leave the herd to find a closed and safe place to give birth to the foal that next Spring. Mustangs can be a variety of colors such as; brown, bay, black, and gray.  They are usually between 13 and 15 hands tall. This breed of horse is very gentle and are highly intelligent!

Palomino, a Color Not a Breed?

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A mother and her children were driving the country roads in their hometown and passed a herd of horses. One of the children yelled, “Mom, STOP!” She slowed down the car and asked what was wrong. The young boy asked, “Why does that horse stand out?” The mother laughed and said, “Sweetie, that is a Palomino horse and they almost always stand out when they are around other horses!” Palomino horses for sale are one of the prettiest breeds of horses! But did you know that it’s really not a breed and that Palomino is just a color? They range in color from a dark gold to a light taffy, but always have a flaxen or white mane and tail. A Palomino can be any type of breed but to be registered with the Palomino Horse Breeders of America, they must have the Palomino colors and must stand 14 to 17 hands tall. They may also only have white on them below the knee and face!

Where Palomino’s come from is unknown, however there are paintings that believe they come from ancient Europe and Asia. Queen Isabella was said to have a hundred Palominos in the royal stable, and at that time nobody was supposed to own one. History says that she sent a Palomino stallion and five mares to what is now Mexico. They then started moving North into Texas and California.

Today, there are many different horse shows and competitions for only registered Palomino horses. The biggest event for Palomino horses, known as the PHBA World Champion Horse Show, is held every year during July in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Each year around 850 horses and their riders from the United States, Canada and Mexico compete for prizes totaling $500,000.

Palominos are greatly appreciated for their agility and versatility. They make wonderful ranch horses and can be used for trail riding, showings, jumping, and just to have a horses!  They are very easily trained and can be taught to do some tricks. If they have been treated well, they will love people and show a lot of affections. Palominos are  a favorite of horsemen because their beauty causes them to stand out among the different horse breeds and they easily become their owner’s best friend.

The Most Ancient Horse Breed Today

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Caspian Horse Breed

The Caspian horses for sale are the most ancient breed of horses today. This breed is over 5,00 years old and was once nearly extinct. This rare breed was no longer extinct after Louise Firouz came across this horse on the Caspian Sea in 1965. At that time they believed there were only a total of 50 Caspian horses along the entire coast of the Caspian Sea! The Caspian breed is a very unique and is one of the most gentle  Equine breeds. They make the perfect horses for young children or adults with little to no horse riding experience at all. Sometimes Caspian horses are mistaken for ponies, for they are basically a miniature horse that stands 10-13 hands tall, fully grown.

One amazing thing about this breed is that they do not need to be shoed due to the shape of their hooves. They only need minimal grooming and no serious common health problems have ever been reported. Even with their different structures compared to other horse breeds, they can live up to 25 years old. They are very sociable and get along with other animals!

The first U.S. breeding program opened in 1995. Considering the current world wide population is now at about 900, the establishment was a huge success. However, this still leaves this ancient breed still on the “Critically Endangered List.” Anyone searching for a horse for themselves or children should highly consider adding a Caspian to their family. Don’t let their small size turn you away, for they can hold adults and heavy loads! Choose Caspian, and you’re definitely choosing the best!

Rafalca, the Dancing Horse

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As many of you know, the 2012 Olympics have been going on in London! Rafalca, a 15-year-old Oldenburg mare owned in part by the Romneys, qualified as a member of the U.S. Olympic team. Rafalca had scored a 70.243 during individual dressage with rider Jan Ebeling. This mare participated in dressage competitions which is, a form of ballet for horses and their riders in which the animals do pirouettes, serpentines and Piaffes. Dressage is Ann Romney’s therapy for her Multiple Sclerosis and even though she has spent multiple thousands of dollars on this horse, it is what makes her happy! Ann Romney, a rider herself, has said that equestrian training is no frivolous, one percenter pursuit; it is a longtime passion. Her Oldenburg horse has gotten very far in her life and has made it to the Olympics. If you are interested in seeing Romney’s Oldenburg horse, Rafalca, tune into the 2012 Olympics! Interested in looking at investing in your own horse to compete in dressage competitions? Check out our Oldenburg horses for sale.


Arabian Show Horses & the Harlan County Horse Show

If you’re interested in show horses, check out the Arabian horses for sale and attend the Harlan County Horse Show. Not only are the Arabian horse breed wonderful to ride, they are amazing show horses! If you’re looking for a nice show horse, especially with this time of year everyone is busy with horse shows and rodeos, Animaroo Horses is the place to be. Speaking of horse shows, continuing the tradition of 48 year, the Harlan County Shrine Club will host their annual horse show and fair at Shriners’ Fairgrounds. Registration was on Thursday, August 2nd but it’s not too late to make it to the horse show because that starts tonight, August 3rd and continues until Saturday, August 4th. The public will be allowed to visit and browse through exhibits from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday and Saturday! The horse show is on both evenings starting at 7:30 p.m. Prior to the show, one of the most popular things at this event is the “stick horse” event! Children ages 2-12 are welcome to ride their stick horses in the arena before the show starts. If you are a horse lover, I do recommend you make it out to the Harlan County horse show and fair at 7:30 p.m. to watch an amazing horse show with many different breeds you may be interested in! Including the wonderful Arabians.

Donkey A Great Friend

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The Donkey is often the butt of many jokes and so many forget the loyal friendship that could be had when they own a Donkey. It may be a cartoon that is an all time favorite for many children and adults the Donkey in Shrek is a great example of how the donkey can be. They are friendly and caring and it is rumored that they are a lover not a fighter, but again that is just a rumor. The Donkey sure does portray a lover in Shrek the movie that is for sure. Actual donkeys are affectionate but have been know to be aggressive in some cases. For the most part a donkey is very loyal and loving to their care giver and this is what most owners love. They know that when they bring home a new animal after searching for Donkeys for sale they can bet that these creatures for the most part that is affectionate. They can also bet that these guys are willing to give 110% to any task they are needed for. Just like in the movie Donkey was right there at Shrek’s side ready to take on dragons and angry mobs just to defend his only friend. The movie has become a classic and an all time favorite for thousands and Donkey will live on in infamy. The real life donkey will always be willing to be there for their owners to do what ever task is needed to accomplish. This one factor alone is what makes the donkey a true friend to his owner.

Donkey The Confident And Aggressor

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The donkey is a great beast all the way around. A small package of fury and fight ready to work with you on anything you want to get done. Most times the donkey is given some what of a negative review but they really are an animal that is willing to do what their owner asks of them. They are hard workers and the stubbornness that they are so often negatively attributed to can be redirected into a project and they will work until you tell them to stop. They love to be there with their owner in some cases almost as if they expect to be your right hand man. They will stand for anything you need them to do when they have loyalty and affection towards their owner. Teaching them the trick behind opening up this loyalty is not hard but if you are experiencing trouble with it seek professional assistance with the correction. Finding a professional will help accomplish the task quickly. So after you have searched high and low for Donkeys for sale and choose the donkey you see as fit for you if you have trouble with the one you choose research and contact professional trainers to assist you the best that they can. As with most training services there may be a fee for their services but in the end the result will be worth the investment. You will have a willing participant that is confident and aggressive that will work hard for you till the end.

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