Draft Horses for Sale

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Draft horses are large and heavy which are bred for performing difficult tasks that require enormous strength. Its characteristics are the only reason why they were indispensible to the past generations of farmers.

These horses have great patience, strength and their temperament bounds them to act as disciplined animals. Such traits are very beneficial for the heavy farming tasks like ploughing. Moreover, their movement is quite upright because of their tremendously muscular build and rigid body proportions.

Another purpose for which they are widely used is crossbreeding. They are famous for creating sports horses by crossbreeding with the light riding horses such as the thoroughbreds. They are used for many events and are mostly found performing under saddle very excellently.

It is important to take good care of their diet in order to maintain their stiff look and massive build. Those who are looking for draft horses for sale should consider researching about their feed and exercises in order to groom them properly.

A notable point about managing their feed is that they have a metabolism system that is similar to that of ponies. Another important pointer is that their daily need can be fulfilled with grain feeding equivalent to 0.3% of their body weight.

Andalusian Horses for Sale

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The Andalusian Horse is a breed of horses which was first bred in Iberian Peninsula. Another name for these horses is “Pure Spanish Horse”. The ancestors of the Andalusian horse breed have been present in the Iberian Peninsula for many centuries; these horses came to use in the fifteenth century.

They are popular for their bravery and strength which makes them war horses, the breed was also given the noble prize due to its attractive and useful characteristics. The Government of Spain used these horses as the tool of diplomacy.
The Andalusian horses have big tails, these horses are usually gray or dark brown but still they are available in many other colors. They are very intelligent and obedient, which comforts the rider. Andalusians horses for sale, are used for distinctive purposes including show jumping, driving and equestrian. These horses have starred in many TV shows and movies in the past.

The kings also preferred and rode Spanish horses. In the 1960′s, it was not allowed to export the Andalusian Horse from Spain but this action was of no use as this breed did spread out to the whole world after a period of time they became common and were widely used then. In 2003, over seventy thousand Andalusians were registered worldwide.

Missouri Fox Trotter Horses for Sale

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Valued for its smoothness the Missouri fox trotter is an American bred horse and are mostly shown in Western style performance classes. Its unique gait is the purpose of its popularity as the name suggests, it appears to be “walking” on the front legs while trotting on the hind legs at the same time.

The sight of this horse walking is very mesmerising and beautiful and reminds us of how beautiful and capable other miracles of nature are. It moves its head in perfect synchronisation and rhythm of the trot which adds to the “showy” appearance.

The four beat gaits are best used for climbing and riding through rocky, hilly and forested land. This was discovered when the pioneers came in the 18th century to Kentucky and Missouri etc. the tail of the horse is very rhythmic to the movement and perfectly balances the movement of the head.

Missouri horses for sale are capable of ruining 12 mph; sometimes the speed may range from 12-18 mph when the horse performs a speedy trot. It can also perform the flat foot walk and the regular canter perfectly.

The horse was found irreplaceable by the 19th century users mostly because of its smoothness and astonishing capabilities.

Friesian Horses for Sale

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Originating from the Netherlands, the Friesian horses are dark sexy black with a strong built with beautiful flowing hair. Dark black in colour these horses are elegant, agile, powerfully muscled and have a thick mane and tail, one of the most unusual features that add up to beauty of this fine creature is that it has feathers on the thighs.

The Friesians popularity is increasing day by day and proving its uses in both harness and under the saddle. The hair is deliberately untrimmed so as to not ruin the beauty, occasionally chestnut; this breed is very rare but well kept and looked after.

The modern Friesian breed increased throughout the good part of the previous century. The new and “modified” breed is much more agile, strong and muscular and is used mostly in movies because of the “dramatic” appearance. The black colour of the horse, though captivating, is not the only feature of the horse.

Its high stepping ability adds to the class and style and also the horses are used for carriage and transport purposes. Friesian horses for sale, have starred in a lot of movies from Hollywood and this is probably one good reason for their wide popularity, movies like Othello, Conan the barbarian and The Chronicles of Narnia have also featured this particular breed.

American Paint Horses for Sale

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Also known as the “Pinto” horse, the American paint horse is one of the most beautiful horses all around the globe. Their ravishing coat and their extremely beautiful colour combinations are a sight worth seeing. It is not merely a colour breed but is also known for its distinguishing characteristics and is one of the fastest growing breeds in North-America.

They have a unique colour combination of white and another colour from the equine spectrum. They generally have white hooves and their spotting patterns differ from each other. Paint horses for sale with the sabino genetics have beautiful blue eyes, pink lips and nostrils and minimal roaning.

The breed is known to be one of the most popular in America, having a low centre of gravity for better manoeuvrability, a heavy built(but not tall) and a muscular structure, they are remarkable for their powers in speed and sprinting.
A paint horse can be easily recognized from its features, the spotted coat, the stock horse built and strong muscles are all unique and beautiful. Properly bred and treated paint horses can be very useful and breathtaking. Before going in the market for these horses it is important to learn how to recognize the breed.

Arabian Horses for Sale

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The Arabian horse, characteristically developed in the Middle East is famous for its war purposes. It’s strong built has served riders for a long time. Having an arched neck, a high carried tail, a concave profile, a comparatively level croup and a finely chiselled bone structure all add to its strength and beauty.

The Arabian horses are one of the oldest breeds of the world and are easily recognizable in all parts of the world, they were previously spread all over the earth through trade and war and were mixed with other breeds to add strength, speed and a stronger structure to improvise other breeds.

Arabian horses for sale are known for learning quickly and their remarkable level of intelligence is a treat for riders all around the world. They are offensive towards abusive training and maybe very rough to handle, they may learn good habits quickly but the rider has to be careful because they learn bad habits just as quickly.

The Arabian horse is born to be manufactured and the rider has to pay special attention to the horse in its fine grooming. They have been a part of mythology from ancient times because of their courage and loyalty and are also known for their “hot blooded” behaviour.

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