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Paint Horses for Sale: Registration is Everything

If you are looking for Paint Horses for sale, then make sure that the ones that you are interested in are registered. To be eligible for registration, both the horse’s dam and sire have to be registered with the American Paint Horse Association (APHA,) the Jockey Club, or the American Quarter Horse Association. Also, at least one of the parents has to be a registered Paint Horse.

It isn’t just the bloodlines that make a horse eligible to be registered with APHA, however. The markings have to fit very definite criteria, such as being predominantly one color and having at least one area of solid white, or being predominantly white and having at least one area of a contrasting color at the time of birth. The markings must be in particular areas of the body, and need to be more than two inches in order to qualify.

The markings on a Paint horse can be any shape, apart from the distinctive leopard complex pattern that defines an Appaloosa.

Because of genetics, it is possible for two registered Paints to throw a solid colored foal. These too can be registered, although there are some restrictions. It is still possible, however, to show these horses in particular classes. If you are interested in breeding, some of these solid colored Paints can produce regular Paints, depending upon their genetic makeup.

Paint horses are considered calm, dependable horses, but you must consider the underlying breed that has gone into the horse before purchasing. For example, a thoroughbred tends to have a completely different nature to a Quarter Horse, so make sure that when you are looking for Paint Horses for sale, you do your homework and buy from a reputable seller.

Paint Horses For Sale

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