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Horse associations are common for horse owners.  Horse associations allow horse owners to connect with other horse owners in their local area, state, region, and even nationwide.  Horse associations are very popular for horse owners that own a specific breed or type of horse.  There are hundreds of smaller horse associations around the nations, and several larger, official horse associations which are run like actual organizations.  Usually, horse associations will charge a membership fee, and will provide news to its members via an electronic or paper newsletter.  There will often be large meetings of horse associations, and also smaller, regional meetings with more local members of horse associations. Some horse associations also sponsor horse shows on a local or national level.   

The Arabian Horse Association is a large association for owners of Arabian horses, half-Arabian horses, and Anglo-Arabian horses.  The Arabian Horse Association allows its members to register their Arabian horses in its registry and database.  Additionally, membership to the Arabian Horse Association has other benefits, such as credits cards only for members, events for members and their horses, access to competitions and shows, annual conventions, and local clubs, among other benefits.  The Arabian Horse Association has approximately 37,000 members.  

The American Paint Horse Association is an association for owners of paint horses.  The American Paint Horse Association collects and maintains data regarding the pedigree of paint horses, oversees matters regarding the breeding and exhibition of paint horses, and strives to create programs that increase the value of the paint horse, enriches the experience member have with their horses, and promote paint horses and preserve their history.  The American Paint Horse Association publishes an annual report for review by its members.

The Appaloosa Horse Association or Appaloosa Horse Club boasts itself as the international registry of appaloosa horses.  The Appaloosa Horse Association or Appaloosa Horse Club offers an electronic newsletter for its members.  The Appaloosa Horse Association or Appaloosa Horse Club also connects its members with regional clubs and offers information on racing and shows for appaloosa horses.   

Whatever type of horse you own, there are horse associations for you.  Horse associations are a great way for you to connect with other horse owners and to record the pedigree of your horse.  As a member of horse associations, you will likely receive electronic or paper newsletters, member magazines, invitations to races and shows, membership in local clubs, access to pedigree registries, and exposure to other horse owners and lovers like yourself.  Many horse owners find horse associations an ideal social networking facilitator.

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