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While knowledge of horse names is not as widespread as, for example, knowledge of dog names, there are multiple sources available offering thousands of horse names.  Information about horse names is available everywhere you look.  You can find horse names, funny horse names, and popular horse names in books at your local bookstore or library, on the internet, at your local feed store, or even at a nearby stable or neighbor's house, if they own horses. 

Selecting horse names has become something of an art over last century or so.  It is easy to find databases of horse names on the internet, with an almost unlimited amount of potential horse names for your horse. 

Horses are believed to have been domesticated animals for over five thousand years, and people have been naming them for nearly as long.  Regardless of where you look for horse names, you're bound to find a wide variety of normal horse names, funny horse names, and popular horse names.  Because horses have such a history, nearly everyone has potential horse names to share.  These horse names often come from first hand experience, but can also be taken from research, or even from stories passed down within a family.  Whether you're new to horse names or an old hand, researching potential horse names can be immensely helpful.

Funny horse names are often very unique, and frequently named after a famous person or character, such as Han Solo, or they are a pun on words like Hoof Hearted.  Popular horse names are horse names that many horses are given such as Lexington or Afternoon Delight.

While many people love to take horse names from famous or successful horses, others prefer to select or create their own horse names.  Many people have begun  naming their horses after the place they were born, in the tradition of the famous horse named Lexington. 

As with all other things relating to horses, information regarding horse names is widely available.  Because horses have been around so long, nearly everyone has ideas regarding the proper way to select horse names. Of course, as with any topic, it is best to take the ideas you receive about horse names and make a wise choice for your horse, and disregard the rest of the horse names.  While selecting horse names can be fun, it can quickly turn into a stressful situation is too much thought is put into it.  Gather all of the information about popular horse names and funny horse names you can, but remember that every horse is unique.  For some horses, funny horse names are the way to go, and for others, the best thing to do is select popular horse names, while still others require something completely unique or normal.  Consider your horse's personality, even if the horse was just born, before selecting horse names, and try to choose horse names that are best for your horse.  You may know within minutes of meeting your horse if funny horse names are the right choice, popular horse names are the right choice, or if some other kind of horse names are the right choice. 


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