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Thoroughbred Horses For Sale

Thoroughbred Horses for Sale: Equine Monarchs

The Thoroughbred was first developed as a breed in England, but is now renowned throughout the world as a top athlete. All Thoroughbreds can be traced back to one of three stallions, known as the Foundation Sires. In 1791, the General Stud Book was first introduced, and in it was published the lineage of every Thoroughbred. This is still in place today, and only those listed are allowed to be given the title of Thoroughbred and to race professionally.

Although they are best known as race horses, if you are looking for Thoroughbred Horses for sale, you will have realized that they can be used in other disciplines as well. Be careful if you are thinking about buying an ex-race horse - they certainly need good homes, but because of the intensive training that they have undergone, they also need experienced owners.

Thoroughbred Horses can be anything between 14.2hh to 17.2hh, and can be any solid color - although it is acceptable for them to have some white markings on their faces and/or legs. The breed has a refined head and a long neck. The shoulders are sloping, and they have a deep body, hindquarters that are muscular, and long, fine-boned legs.

When you are looking for Thoroughbred Horses for sale, you are bound to be interested in the nature of this breed. Thoroughbreds are known as hotbloods, which means that they can be flighty, energetic and temperamental. They are also bold and high-spirited. When they are handled well, this energy is transformed into a positive, and they will be affectionate and well-meaning horses.

Thoroughbred Horses For Sale

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