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Fox Trotter Horses For Sale

Fox Trotter Horses are beautiful horses that originate from Missouri in the United States, in the Ozark Mountains.  Fox Trotter Horses are also called Missouri Fox Trotters.  The primary distinguishing trait of the Fox Trotter is the gait it possesses.  Fox Trotters have a four beat gait that is unique to this breed of horse.  This gait makes the Fox Trotter Horse great for riding, as it is more smooth than other breeds of horses.  Fox Trotter Horses can travel quickly, and maintain speed for long distances.  Fox Trotter Horses come in nearly every color, and many have a spotting, or pinto, pattern.  Fox Trotters are medium sized horses.  Fox Trotter Horses for sale will be easy to find from local breeders.  You can also find Fox Trotter Horses for sale from other horse owners, or you can find Fox Trotter Horses for sale using the internet.

Fox Trotter Horses For Sale

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