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Morgan Horses For Sale

Morgan Horses for Sale: Strong and Dependable

When you are looking at Morgan horses for sale, there a few things that you should look out for – particularly if you are thinking about showing your horse at any point.

Although there are some variations, a Morgan is between 14.1hh and 15.2hh. The color of a Morgan doesn’t matter – as long as it is solid and there are no white markings above the knee or hock, except for on the face.

The head of a Morgan is attractive, with a broad forehead and a slightly dished face. The ears are short and set wide apart, although Morgan mares may have slightly longer ears than geldings and stallions. The shoulder should slope nicely from withers that are well defined, and the body should be deep and compact. The loins should be broad, quarters well muscled, while the legs should be straight with long pasterns. The mane and tail on a Morgan is full and luxuriant.

Nobody knows for certain what breeds went into the make-up of Figure, the stallion that is responsible for all Morgans, but it is thought that Thoroughbred, Welsh Cob, Arab, and Barb are likely. The positive traits of all of these breeds are apparent in the Morgan’s physical make-up, stamina, and pleasant disposition.

If you are looking for a well-rounded horse that is capable of more than one discipline and easy to work with, then you should definitely look at Morgan horses for sale. They are dependable, hardworking, and are renowned for their longevity.

Morgan Horses For Sale

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