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Many horse lovers use horse bits when riding a horse.  There are a number of different sizes and shapes for horse bits, as well as various brands.  Horse bits are used to help control a horse during riding.  Once a horse is properly trained, many horse owners forgo using horse bits at all, as they are no longer necessary.  However, other horse owners insist on using horse bits as they allow the rider to exert more control over a horse.  There are two schools of thought on horse bits, and it is best to research before deciding what you believe.

Horse bits are riding accessories that fit into the mouth of your horse.  Horse bits put pressure on the sensitive parts of the mouth of your horse, allowing you to better direct the movement of the horse.  Size is very important when considering horse bits.  If you select the wrong size of horse bits, your horse may be in pain and the horse bits can cause health problems for your horse.  It is best to seek professional advice about the appropriate size of horse bits for your horse.  Horse bits that are the wrong size put too much pressure on incredibly sensitive areas in the mouth of your horse, and could make your horse nearly impossible to ride. 

Dutton horse bits are a brand of horse bits that many horse owners prefer.  Dutton horse bits are considered premiere horse bits.  Dutton horse bits are considered by many to be some of the highest quality available.  Dutton horse bits are available from a number of retailers.  Dutton horse bits may be more expensive than other brands of horse bits because of their perceived quality.  If you are just starting out, it may be best to select horse bits of a lesser known brand so your cost will not be as high. 

Spade horse bits are more advanced horse bits.  When used improperly, spade horse bits can cause severe pain to a horse, putting extreme pressure on the bars and tongue of a horse.  A spade bit should only be used on a horse that is used to horse bits and by a rider who is used to working with various types of bits.  If using strong horse bits, such as spade horse bits, it is best if both the horse and the rider have experience, otherwise, spade horse bits will hinder, not help, the rider's attempt.

Horse bits are considered necessary by some and optional by others.  Most horse trainers agree that horse bits are important to use when training a horse.  Many people stop using horse bits once a horse is comfortable being ridden, and has formed a bond or relationship with the rider.  If you try to stop using horse bits, and your horse responds by being difficult, it is best to continue the use of horse bits.  It is rarely a good idea to try and train your horse for riding without professional help.  A professional horse trainer will teach you more about horse bits and what horse bits are best for you and your horse. 

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