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Most horse owners want their horses to be comfortable.  Horse comfort is important for a number of reasons, first, because horse owners care about their horses, and second, performance can be affected if a horse is not comfortable.  Some people think that horse blankets are unimportant, because horses are such strong animals.  It's true that horses are able to withstand the elements, like most animals.  However, your horse will not be entirely comfortable, healthy, happy, or able to perform without additional protection.  Of course, if you and your horse live in a very mild environment, that may not be true.  Before deciding that your horse doesn't need a horse blanket, check with other local horse owners and local horse caretakers or local equine veterinarians. 

One of the most popular and comfortable ways to increase the comfort of a horse is horse blankets.  In most climates, horse owners utilize horse blankets to keep their horses comfortable and protected.  There are a number of different types of horse blankets, but the most common are regular horse blankets for very cold or more extreme weather, and light horse blankets for more moderate weather.  Your horse will appreciate the additional protection, and that appreciation will likely show through in the performance and temperament of your horse.  Be sure you check with people who know your area like local horse owners or local horse caretakers, so you know when to use regular horse blankets and when to use light horse blankets. 

Often when shopping for horse blankets, you will find regular horse blankets and something called sheets.  These sheets are essentially the same as light horse blankets.  Light horse blankets provide protection from the elements but help prevent your horse from getting uncomfortable or too hot if the weather is relatively warm.  Horse blankets and light horse blankets are often used a great deal of the time on horses, when they are not being ridden.  If you are riding your horse, you will need other horse supplies, and it is usually best not use a horse blanket or a light horse blanket.  Of course, there are always exception. 

Horse blankets and light horse blankets will help protect your horse from strong winds, rain, snow, sun, and even some other potential problems like certain bugs.  Horse blankets and light horse blankets do not act as an all over body armor, but they will help to protect your horse.  Not all horse blankets and light horse blankets are waterproof, so be sure to use waterproof horse blankets and waterproof light horse blankets when rain is expected and your horse will be out and about.  Many horse owners will also use horse blankets and light horse blankets in the stable, to help protect their horses and keep them warm. 

Horse blankets and light horse blankets are available in a variety of colors and sizes.  There are waterproof horse blankets and light horse blankets, and they can also come with some other options as well.  It is best to shop around and look at the different horse blankets and light horse blankets that are available to you and your horse, and then select the items that work best for you. 

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