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Information about horse jumping is available everywhere you look.  You can find information about jumping horses and horse show jumping in books at your local bookstore or library, on the internet, at your local feed store, or even at a nearby stable or neighbor's house, if they own horses. 

It is commonly believed that horses have been domesticated animals for over five thousand years, and they have been trained in horse show jumping for almost two hundred years of that time.  Horse jumping and horse show jumping originated as an English sport, and is now widespread in popularity across Europe and North America.  Before becoming a mainstream event, horse show jumping became popular in France, Italy, and Spain. 

Any horse can perform general horse jumping and even horse show jumping, but there are breeds that are considered better jumping horses than others.  Of course, the horses that make the best jumping horses is a rather subjective issue, so it is best to decide for yourself through research.

At horse show events, horse jumping is scored in three areas.  The three areas used to determine a horse show jumping score are if the horse attempts to jump the obstacle, if the horses clears the obstacle, and if the horse finishes the course in the time allowed.  There are other events at horse shows related to horse jumping, where the rider is scored based on skill, and the jumping horses are not scored. 

While predicting results at horse shows is a common affair, betting on these results is not nearly as common as it is in horse racing.  Usually, those in the audience of a show where horse show jumping is taking place root for all of the horses and riders, and simply enjoy the show.  This lends to the air of sportsmanship during horse show jumping events, while still allowing the participants to compete. 

Many people know a great deal about horse jumping and jumping horses, and they can be a great source of information.  Most people in the horse world have a background to draw from, and nearly all of them have horse jumping tips to share.  These horse jumping tips generally come from experience, but can also be taken from research, or even stories passed down within a family.  Whether you're new to horses jumping, horse show jumping, and jumping horses or an old hand, horse show jumping tips, horse jumping tips, and jumping horse tips can be immensely helpful. 

Of course, as with any topic, it is best to take the horse jumping information you find useful and apply it, while disregarding the information that wasn't useful.  It would be too challenging to take all the horse jumping information you obtain and apply it to your own situation.  Gather all of the horse show jumping, horse jumping, and jumping horse information you can, but remember that every horse is unique. 

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