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Horse shoes are a great way to protect and care for your horse.  Horse shoes come in a a variety of materials and sizes, and are helpful to your horse  Horses have been domesticated animals for over five thousand years, and people have learned over those years how useful horse shoes can be.  Often, the words horse shoes are put together and spelled horseshoes, but both forms are considered correct.  If you research horse shoes in a book from your local bookstore or library, chances are you will find horse shoes spelled as horseshoes, however the information will be the same and just as useful, regardless of how you spell it. 

Horse shoes are usually made out of metal, but are more frequently being made out of synthetic materials.  Some horse shoes are even made out of rubber, or other non-metallic materials.  Th material used to make a horse shoe depend on the tasks of the horse.  Horse shoes are placed on all four feet of a horse, and the horse shoes are either nailed or glued in place.  Horse shoes can help prevent a horse from becoming injured and assist a horse in getting better tracking when walking or trotting.  Certain horse shoes can also encourage your horse to move a particular way, and those shoes are used frequently in horse shows. 

Aluminum horse shoes are some of the most common horse shoes found.  Aluminum horse shoes are relatively light, and she they are the most popular horse shoes for racing horses.  Because aluminum horse shoes are lighter, they allow the horse to move quicker, and have a better chance at winning a race.  Aluminum horse shoes are also frequently used in dressage, as they help the horse move a particular way.  Aluminum horse shoes also tend to last a long time, so they are very popular.  However, steel horse shoes are often chosen when longevity is the primary concern, as steel horse shoes are stronger than aluminum horse shoes. 

Mini cast horse shoes are made out of cast iron, and are very sturdy horse shoes. Often, mini cast horse shoes and cast iron horse shoes are used in crafts.  However, mini cast horse shoes are inspired by history.  Cast iron used to be a popular horse shoe material, and there were smaller horse shoes made for ponies and miniature horses.  Some horse owners use cast iron horse shoes today, instead of a more modern material.

Horse shoes are important for nearly every horse.  Horse shoes help prevent hoof wear and other injuries.  Horse shoes are not painful to your horse if they are done properly.  To ensure that your horse is wearing horse shoes properly, have a professional complete the horse shoes for your horse.  Also, make sure that you switch to newer horse shoes when it is recommended, or else the horse shoes will be useless for your horse. 

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