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Horse Stalls and Portable Horse Stalls

Horse stalls are a great way to give your horse its own place, and to keep your horse protected from the elements.  Most horse owners use horse stalls in one way or another.  Horse stalls can be useful whether you have just one horse or more than a dozen.  Horse stalls come in a variety of sizes, and if the proper size is chosen, most horses feel very comfortable in horse stalls.  There are horse stalls for a variety of purposes, so make sure you have all the horse stalls you need. 

Horse stalls can be made all kinds of materials.  Some of the most popular materials for horse stalls are wood, mesh, steel, and aluminum.  Regardless of the material horse stalls are made of, there is usually an option for color.  Horse stalls can have a solid door, dutch door, and even open slats so horses can see out of horse stall even if the door is not open.  Many horse owners prefer horse stalls with a more open design, so their horses feel more comfortable in horse stalls.  Every horse is unique, and there are horse stalls available for any need.

Portable horse stalls have a number of great uses.  Portable horse stalls can be used when you and your horse travel somewhere without horse stalls, or portable horse stalls can be used while you build or repair your existing horse stalls.  Portable horse stall can be purchased or rented for temporary use.  Many horse owners keep portable horse stalls on hand in the event that they are needed, even if they have permanent horse stalls already.  Portable horse stalls are generally relatively inexpensive, but they are not a substitute for permanent horse stalls.

Cleaning horse stalls can be an easy task once you know how it's done.  Cleaning horse stalls is also called mucking out.  Cleaning horse stalls is a very important chore, and should be done daily.  Your horses likely urinate or defecate in horse stalls if they are in them for any amount of time, so horse stalls that are dirty can attract insects or pests that are dangerous for your horse, and can lead to very unhealthy conditions.  Cleaning horse stalls should be done when your horses aren't in the horse stalls.  Remove the soiled straw or sawdust, and put manure in the manure pile.  Then, replace the bedding that you removed.  Finally, consider completely removing everything and starting over on a weekly basis, this method of cleaning horse stalls will keep your horses happy. 

Horse stalls serve a number of purposes for your horses.  Horse stalls are incredibly important and can be a lot of work, but they are a great investment.  Your horses appreciated clean horse stalls, and love to come home to quality horse stalls after a hard day in the pasture or out on a ride.  Quality and clean horse stalls contribute to the good health of your horses.  All horses are different, so different types of horse stalls may be required. 

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