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Horses have been man’s best friends since years, especially when it came to traveling through difficult routes and long distances. Also they have served as vehicles to complete long distance journeys and for accomplishing trade. Among the various breeds found in different corners of the world, Abyssinians are a rare breed.

Abyssinian horses are known to have originated in the Ethiopian region and were exported to England in the middle of the 19th century. These horses are found in various sizes and colors. These are also referred to as “Gala” and are mostly quite small in size as compared to the other breeds of horses; on an average they stand about 13.3 hands above the ground. The horses are mainly bred near the mountainous regions and can be commonly found in the rocky regions along the coastline of the Red Sea. The main reason of breeding an Abyssinian is mostly to make the horse work on the mountainous regions. Though small in size the Abyssinians are habituated to survive in the mountains and are considered to be quite strong as well.

The earliest incidents of breeding these horses go back to 1861 when they were exported from Ethiopia to England. Since then they have been bred for their strength and the unique ability to work and survive in the mountainous terrains.

Breeding these horses is not that easy and they can be quite a handful to handle as well. Their hair grow in different directions, hence brushing their coats can be quite a difficult task and therefore it is important that you keep them away from dust and dirt or else you would have to put in a lot of efforts to have them cleaned up. Abyssinians are generally found in Chestnut and Bay colored coats with a lot of badges and creases on them. Another peculiar feature of this horse is the prominent and attractive whiskers near the nose. Theirs legs and hooves are also quite uniquely structured.

An Abyssinian is a herbivorous animal surviving mostly on green plants and grass. These horses also have green colored eyes, an attribute which is associated with the occurrence of uncommon genes. Abyssinians might not be the best looking horses but are surely one of the most efficient and strongest breeds that have been known. Also they have been associated closely with the history and civilization of the mountainous regions near the Red sea due to their influence on the lifestyle and trade in that region.

The horse breed has survived the test of time and has been continually helping men in the mountainous regions, they have been bred and nurtured because of the kind of work they have been doing over the past 150 years. These might not be the most popular breeds of horses that are used for shows or for derby but when it comes to the utility factor they can be very highly ranked. It can be easily said that Abyssinians are one of the most efficient and admired horse breeds.

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