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Among the various mountainous breeds of horses that have survived over the years, Altai is one of the most commonly seen horses. The horse breed gets its name from the region of its origin, these horses originated in the Altai Mountains of central Asia. Due to the influence of the surroundings on them, the Altais can survive on a year round pasture grazing. Initially, it was the tribesmen and the nomads who bred these horses for the various uniquely gifted characteristics that this breed of horses possesses. It is one of the best breeds of horses when it comes to climbing steep mountains.

The Altai horses are medium sized horses and do not have a lot of distinctive physical characteristics either. If observed closely it can be seen that the Altais have a comparatively fatter and shorter neck and a long but dipped back. Their short legs are a feature that helps them climb mountains and cover rocky terrains with great ease and balance. They are known to have a great cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal and muscular system. The most common Altai horses have skin colors like chestnut, bay, black and grey. Some of them also have spots on their skin. These horses are about 13.2-13.3 tall and have a very well built structure.

A lot of nomads and tribal communities in the mountainous regions of central Asia depend on these horses for various tasks to be performed. In order to increase the strength and the abilities of the horse they have been known to be cross bred with a variety of other breeds. The crosses with pure breeds have led to the upcoming of bigger and better Altai breeds; these prove to be more efficient as they still retain the best of health in the harsh conditions, a characteristic that is peculiar to the Altai horses. These varieties are also bred by many for the increased mass of meat and flesh that they supply.

The Altais have also been a breed that has been of great importance to the development of civilization in the areas around central Asian region. More importantly they have served as the most reliable and efficient source of transportation in a region that is full of mountains, fast flowing rivers and streams.

Looking at the other breeds and comparing them with the Altai horses it would be difficult to find another breed that has been able to help men as well as has possessed an identity for its own for so long. Nor are there many horses that can stand the amount of harsh climatic conditions as the Altais. It might be one of the commonly found horses or can be widely seen but the characteristics of the breed that separate it from many others, are its enormous grit and ability to survive and grow in conditions that are unfavorable. It is probably a one of its kind and it would be very difficult to find a horse breed that can match up with the qualities of an Altai.


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