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Just the name suggests the American cream draft horse originated from United States. Most of the draft breeds are named after the regions in which they are developed. For example you can take Clydesdale draft horse breed came to being in Clydesdale and the Irish Draught in Ireland. American Cream Draft is the only American draft horse which is originally from Iowa.

The origin of the breed was way back to the initial periods of the 20th century. This average sized draft has many characteristics that make it distinct and admirable. At present there are only a several hundred varieties that are existent and all of them are distributed across the United States.

The word Draft emerged from the word ‘draught’ which means to pull something. These horses were very useful to the Americans in transportation, plowing the farm and also to build America’s strong railroads. As automobiles came into origin these breeds seemed to decline but now these horses are enjoying a rebirth and making a comeback. Once they were nearly extinct however a few admirers of this breed made a conscious effort to save them and the breed enjoyed a re-birth since 1982.

The body color of the American cream drafts range from white to dark cream. They have a white tail. They have little feathers around the fetlocks. The American cream draft horses can be said to be a resemblance of any other average sized horse breed. Its head region is refined in order to match up to the size of its body structure. The horse has a short body; the shoulders are slopping and have deep girth. The tail of these horses is white and long. The horses are born with brown hooves, pink skin and blue eyes. The eyes of these horses become yellowish brown and some of them when they turn adult they may have green eyes.

Most of the American cream draft horses have a pinkish tone of the skin however currently the ones with a comparatively darker shade of the skin are also bred as long as they portray other characteristics of an American cream draft horse. These horses mature after five years. The height and weight of the mature horses is around 16.3 hands and 1800 lbs or more. While on an average an American cream draft is about 15-17 hands tall and have a weight around 1 ton.

The American cream drafts have an eye catching appearance and the consistency of these horses makes the crowd attract towards them. Crowds enjoy their appearances when they are in parades and at shows. They mostly appear in pairs but you can have a ride on them as well. These horses are very, in fact if you actually like to breed horses these are the ones you’d love to have. They are not only one of the most lovable breeds but also one of the best to breed as they are very loving and caring towards their masters. So if you are thinking of breeding a horse, an America cream draft would be a nice choice.


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