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The Belgian horse is a type of draft horse breed. It comes from Belgium, and it is truly a massive horse to deal with. In fact, they are one of the strongest heavy breeds in the world. There are a lot of great things to say about the Belgian horse, and we are going to talk about those things today. When we get done, you will see why Belgians have been used for years to help out on farms and other things like that. These are breeds that get the job done. That is why they have been used for so many years. The color of this horse does not vary a lot. In fact, they normally only come in chestnut, however, color and look is not the reason why people buy Belgian horses.

First of all, we need to talk about the pure size of these horses. These are horses that weigh slightly over 1 ton, or 2,000 pounds! Of course, some of these horses can weigh over that. In fact, the largest Belgian horse in the world weighed over 3,200 pounds, and stood 19.2 hands high! Most of them are not quite that tall, but they do normally get up to 18 hands high or 19 hands high. As you can guess, with a size like this, the horse is able to pull a tremendous amount of weight. In fact, there were two of these horses in Denver, Colorado that actually pulled 17,000 pounds by themselves. This is more than most trucks can even pull. That just shows how strong these animals are. Although, most of the time, these animals just pull things for show now in America. Very few of them still do animal work out in farms. Most of that has been replaced by machines.

You would think that horses like this would have been used in battle. However, most of these horses in the Middle Ages were to big for mounts to use in battle. Thus, they did their share of work on the farm. They made there way to the United States of American at the start of World War II. Many people say that it is hard to find these horses anymore, but that just depends on where you live. In America, the number of these horses has actually gone down, way down. In Belgium and other parts of Europe, the number has actually increased over time. This may be because America uses more machines to do their work on the farm, while other countries still count on animal help.

No matter where you go, however, you are going to find some of these horses. They are very big, but they are easy to control. They love to be around people, and they have great personalities. If you have been looking for a horse that can pull just about anything that you need, then the Belgians are for you. These are amazing horses that are blowing everyone away with their size and power. Let's face it, when a 2,000 pound horse starts pulling on something, it's going to move!


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