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The Canadian horse is a breed that was, of course, developed in Canada. Most people do not know this, because the Canadian horse can be hard to find; but it has influenced most of the North American breeds over the course of time. In fact, it has influenced such breeds as the Morgan horse, the Standardbred, and of course, the America Saddlebred. Canadian horses are amazing, and they are very hard to find. In fact, there have been many times where a lot of people thought that this horse was extinct. However, now there are a lot of Canadian horse enthusiasts that live both in Canada and around the world. This keeps the breed going strong and proves to everyone that this is a breed that is here to stay. The Canadian horse is a great breed, and today we are going to talk a little bit more about its characteristics. You will see, in the end, that this is a breed that is well worth picking up.

One cool thing that Canadian horses did was give rise to the Canadian Pacer horse. This is a horse that has had a very profound impact on the world of horses over the years. When you take a close look at the Canadian horse (if you can ever find one), you will see that it very closely resembles the foundation style of the Morgan horse. They have very large and expressive eyes, and they also have a very well structured head. The build of the Canadian horse also tends to be very, very muscular. This is a very powerful horse, and you can tell that just by looking at it. They have good bones and even more important than that is the fact that they have good feet. The Canadian horse is also known as a horse that has a lot of endurance. They are very willing horses that like to get things done. They also do pretty good in cold weather. This comes from having to put up with the very cold winters in Canada.

The coloring of the Canadian horse can actually vary a lot. Most of them are black or bay. However, a few of them can be chestnut or even brown. There are a very few that come out looking dark bay, but that is very uncommon. The horses are normally about 15 hands high, however, they can get as tall as 16 hands high and as low as 14 hands high. The horse can weigh almost 1500 pounds. Of course, most of them weigh about 1200.

These horses have a lot of different personalities, and that is what makes them so fun. However, as a general rule they do get along with people pretty nicely. However, besides that, you can never know what kind of Canadian horse you are going to get. Some of them like other animals, and some do not. Some of them can get along with dogs, and others can not. Really, this just proves that this horse is something that you are going to find very interesting as you learn more about it. It really is a horse like you have never seen before.


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