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The Draft horse (the United States name; in the UK its called the Draught horse) is a very large breed of horse. In fact, they are the largest breed of horse in the world. They first came about to do heavy tasks around the farm, like plowing the land. There are a number of Draft horses in the world, and all of them come in different shapes and sizes. Of course, there are a few things about Drafts that never change. The first thing is how big these horses are and how strong they are. They are also a very patient and docile horse. For being so big, they are the sweetest horses in the world. They love to be around people and other horses. In fact, many farmers have noticed that these horses love to be around any kind of horses, even small ones. When they are out in the field with other horses, they will go eat by them and stand by the horses. In fact, it is hard to find a picture of a Draft horse where it is not around another animal or a person.

Now we need to talk a little bit more about the pure size of draft horses so that you will know what kind of horse you are dealing with. No draft horse is ever going to be under 16 hands high. However, finding one that small does not happen very often. Most of them are going to range between 17 and 20 hands high. Now, that is a very big horse! Not only that, but they weigh a ton, and no pun intended. In fact, these horses can weigh as little as 1,400 pounds all the way up to 2,000 pounds. The largest draft horse in the world clocked in at over 3,000 pounds. As you can guess, some of these draft horses can not be used for mounts, because they are too big. However, they do make great driving horses and work horses. The more that a draft weighs, the more power it is going to have.

So as you can see, these are great horses that a lot of people want to have around the farm. However, as you can guess, not everyone can afford to keep a draft horse. That is because these horses cost a lot of money to feed and care of. Feeding a horse that weighs 2,000 pounds can add up everyday. Of course, the good news about these horses is that they have the metabolism of that of ponies. Thus, these horses only need about a .3% of their body weight in feed. Although that is still a lot of feed, it is a lot better than the amount you have to feed other horses. Not only that, but if you have a draft horse that does not have to meet extreme energy demands, they can do great on just good quality grass. This is good news for some people, because they would have to buy less grain to feed their draft horse. Either way, the draft horse is an amazing animal that you are going to want to have around the farm for sure.

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