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The Fell Pony is a beautiful pony, originating in England.  They are said to be great working ponies, and wonderful for riding.  Fell Ponies are related to Dales Ponies, which originate near the same location.

    Fell Ponies are considered ideal for use as work ponies or riding ponies, primarily because of their hardiness and ability to ride terrain that other ponies cannot.  Today, Fell Ponies are primarily domesticated.  For many years, Fell Ponies were used as pack animals, because of their strength and endurance.  The Fell Pony Society was created in 1916, and most Fell Ponies are registered with the society. 

   Fell Ponies are consistent in their coloring, with the common coloring being black, brown, bay, or gray.  Large amounts of white are frowned upon, as are other colors.  Fell Ponies are also known for their speed and ability to travel long distances.  Fell Pony lovers claim that Fell Ponies can do nearly any task and are incredibly versatile animals.

    If you are in the market for a beautiful riding pony with a great personality,  you can't go wrong with a Fell Pony.  Fell ponies for sale are easy to find.  You can find Fell Ponies for sale from pony breeders, local pony owners, or even on the internet.  If you find Fell Ponies for sale, be sure to look at all of your options and to price compare.  The ages, abilities, dispositions, and other desired attributes will vary a great deal on the Fell Ponies for sale that you find.  Also, the prices of Fell Ponies for sale that you find will vary quite a bit as well.

    When you find the Fell Pony for sale that you must have, be sure to get to know him or her a bit before taking him or her to its new home.  Once you have found the Fell Pony for sale that will be your new pony, make sure that you have all of the pony accessories and supplies you will need.  If you are a first time pony owner, you will have a great deal of pony supplies to obtain.  If you own other ponies, your new Fell Pony won't require many additional supplies.

    Finding Fell Ponies for sale is a fairly simple task.  Finding the Fell Pony that is right for you is a much more challenging task.  However, if you are a pony lover, and take the time to get to know the Fell ponies for sale that you meet, you will soon be spending time with your very own Fell Pony.

    Because Fell Ponies are so great for riding and have such intelligence, be prepared to show your pony off to all of your friends.  Fell Ponies usually don't seem to mind the adoring attention that is paid them, as long as your friends are familiar with the proper way to interact with ponies.  Before you introduce your Fell Pony to everyone you know, make sure it is comfortable in its new home.


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