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The Friesian horse is a horse that comes from Friesland, and thus, you can see where the horse gets its name. If you do not already know, Friesland is a province of the Netherlands. The breed is pretty big and very pretty to look at. In fact, Friesians are actually said to be a very light draft horse. They are not as big as other draft horses, but they are very graceful and more nimble than larger draft horses. Since they are smaller than the big draft horses, these horses use to be used as war horses back in the day. In fact, they were used to carry the biggest knights and their armor. Of course, as the armor started to weigh more, bigger draft horses were needed to carry around the knights. Of course, the Friesians were still used as a horse mount for kings because of their stunning looks. The sad thing about his breed is that there are not many left. In fact, on more than one occasion Friesians were said to be extinct. People became afraid that they may lose these horses forever, and thus, they have been breeding them more and more.

One way you can tell these draft horses from other ones is their great black coat color. Of course, this is not the only way that you will be able to tell Friesian horses from the other ones. The other characteristic that they are well known for is, of course, their very long and thick manes and tails. These are the horses that a lot to of books show as the horses that were used by knights. They have the very long, silky tales that are usually a bit curly as well. These horses normally never have any kind of white markings at all.  One of the rarest colors you can see a Friesian in is, of course, chestnut. It does happen, but very few of them are even accepted in a registration. The horses are about average height for most horses, but just a bit thicker build. They usually stand about 15 to 17 hands high.

Another thing that you are going to truly love about this horse is its willingness to do things and its high step trot. This makes the horse look like its carries itself with a type of elegance that other horses do not. For being such a big horse, you will also be shocked to find out that they are very energetic horses. However, they are also very gentle and sweet. They get along with other horses, and they like pretty much all people. Today they are still known for their amazing power, and they are still used on some farms and so forth to do things. However, not everyone uses these animals because of their high cost. They are so hard to find that the ones that you can find cost a lot of money. They are growing in popularity, and maybe more people will breed more, which, of course, will bring down the cost.

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