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The Hackney breed of horses comes from Great Britain. This is a very nice looking horse that has been around since the 1880's. Of course, the actual horse has been around longer than that, but it became a breed in the 1880's; and that is when this breed was actually started. The Hackney Horse Society has a headquarters in Norwich, England. This is the group of people who got the horse breed recognized. The main purpose of Hackneys is to be a horse that is perfect for carriage driving. To be a horse that can do that, you have to have a lot of stamina. This is because it is a lot more weigh to pull around than just carrying one person on your back. They have to be able to trot, not run, at high speeds for long time spans. People who have been pulled by this horse say that they are just amazing to watch. They are very focused on what they are doing and try to get you from 'point a' to 'point b' as quickly as possible. However, the horse does try to avoid pot holes, as if it knows that it would be rough for the people who are in the carriage.

The horses are usually about 16 hands tall, but can be as small as 14.2 hands small. Any shorter than that, and they do not fit into the category of a Hackney. Even if they are off by just .2 hands high.  Most of these horses do have nothing except solid color to them. Of course, it is not too uncommon to come across a few of these horses with white markings on them. They think this comes from the influence of the sabino genetics in the horse. Something that is fun to watch about this horse is its showiness. Whenever it is in motion, it moves with a very showiness style to it. This is a horse that will move with high knee steps. This is due to the very good flexibility in the joints of the horse. This really does give the horse the look like it is almost floating effortlessly across the ground. Although this would tire most horses out after a long time, this is actually better for this horse. This is because it has a need to want to go fast. However, since it is not allowed to, the high leg steps slow it down a bit, but it can still move its body very quickly.

People have said before that it is not uncommon, however, to find a Hackney horse that has a sense of humor. These horses tend to go out of their way sometimes if you are not leading them. Although they will still get you where you need to go, they seem to think this is funny. Also, Hackney horses are well known for showing their displeasure about something. For example, if the horse has to go through water and it does not want to, it will still do it, but a lot of times, the horse will let out a very loud grunt.


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