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The Haflinger breed of horse is a type of horse breed that comes from Austria. However, it can also be found coming from parts of northern Italy as well. Most records show that this horse first came about in the late 1800's, but it could have been around longer than that. This is because there are several different theories about where this breed first came from. However, most people agree that the horse has an appearance of a mix between an Arabian horse and some kind of European horse. The first thing that you are going to notice about Haflinger horses is that they are very pretty horses. They tend to have a light to medium light coat. However, their main tends to be even lighter than that, giving them an almost blond look. The second thing that you are going to notice about this breed is that it is kind of small for being a horse. Most of the time, when you see this horse, it is going to come in chestnut colors, but there are a few different forms that it comes in.

This is a horse that can be used for endurance riding, despite it's small look. Not only that, but a lot of people like to use Haflingers as riding horses for therapeutic reasons. This is a very clam horse that is very easy to control. This is not a horse that you are going to have to fight with to get it to go where you want. This horse wants to just go along for the ride as much as you do. This is such a special horse, in fact, that it has its own federation that governs the way that this horse is bred. It is called the World Haflinger Federation, or WHF for short. This is a federation that is founded all over the world and has a set breeding guideline that has to be followed for the horse to fit into the Haflinger's standards. The horse does have to be a little bit below normal horse size. In fact, this horse is usually only about 13 hands high (or 55 inches). It is important to note that the overall size of the horse has been increasing ever since the end of World War II. However, the WHF is doing everything that it can to keep these horses as small as possible.

The Haflinger is a horse that is very rhythmic in the way it walks. This allows it to cover a large amount of ground very quickly. Not only that, but it has a very relaxed feel to it. This keeps the horse from getting spooked too easily. That is good, because this is a horse that is made to work in mountainous regions, meaning that it can not get spooked out when working in high places. The horse is easy to handle, but they are very smart, thus, it can seem like it is hard to get the horse to go places sometimes. This could be because the horse knows that something is not right over there. Although they do not spoke easily, they still do not like to be in dangerous spots.


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