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The Irish Draught is a very famous breed of horses in Ireland. This is because the Irish Draught actually happens to be the natural breed of Ireland. For the most part, Irish Draughts are used mostly on farms and have become well developed to do so. Nowadays, however, it is not uncommon to see these horses used as sports horses. This is when they have been mixed with thoroughbreds and warmbloods. Most of the time, when they are used for sports horses, they are used for show jumping events. Although they are fast horses, they are known a little bit more for their power than their overall speed. The first thing that you will notice about the Irish Draught horses is that they are very active animals. They have nice shinny coats when taken care of, and they are also very proud animals. They also say that Irish Draughts are very intelligent horses and have an amazing gentle nature.

The overall height and weight of the horse is, of course, going to change from animal to animal. The stallions, of course, stand a little bit taller than the mares. The stallions stand about 15.3 hh (also known as hands high). The mares only stand about 15.1, which is not that big of a difference. However, it is pretty uncommon to see a mare that is taller than a stallion Irish Draught. The weight of the horses are, of course, going to vary as well, but most of them weigh about 750 kg. The look of the horse is usually very stunning as well. That is because this animal has very bold eyes that just stand out a lot. These horses do come in just about any kind of solid color, and that does include gray colors. Some of them will have white leg markings, but this is not a desirable look for this horse.

Watching Irish Draught horses in action is something that is breathtaking to watch. They have a very smooth motion, but it does not have any kind of exaggeration in it's movements either. The horse also seems to float when it runs; there are no heavy movements at all. The walk and the trot of the horse are very straight and true. People love riding on these horses because of their smooth motion. This is a great horse for first time riders because of their sweet nature and smooth motions as they move. Also, because the horse believes that it is strong (which it is), this is not a horse that will frighten as easily as some other horses will. However, it can happen.

Overall, Irish Draughts are everything that you could want in a horse and more. They are great for farm work, but you can make them sports horses. If you are going to use it for sports, however, or horse shows, then you are going to want to show the ones that are one solid color. As said before, some do come with white leg markings, but it is not a look people like to see on them.


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