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The Kiger Mustangs is a breed of horse that has not been around too long. In fact, the horse was actually discovered back in 1977. It was round up in southeastern Oregon in the United States of America. After the horses where roundup, some of them were sent to the University of Kentucky so that the horses could be studied. What people found is that the horse actually had DNA that was very close to another breed of horse. They say that the DNA was related to the DNA of the Spanish horses that were brought over to America in the 1600's. After this, the horses were spread out to other locations around the United States. Now the Kiger Mustang is, of course, an established breed of horses. The funny thing is that most of the Kiger Mustangs of today can be tracked back to one single horse that was named Mesteno. This is a name that means stray in Spanish. It is just amazing to track all of these horses back to just one horse.

The colors of these horses are usually about the same. In fact, most of the Kiger Mustangs have a dun color to them. However, some of them do have some markings on them that are kind of zebra-like on their legs and sometimes on their shoulders. The Kiger Mustangs are known for being very agile creatures. They can run like the wind, and they are very hard to catch. To make matters worse, they are very intelligent animals as well. Thus, when they do not want to be found, they will not be found. To top things off, they also have a very high stamina, which means they can out run a lot of other horses. They may not be the fastest, but they can run for a lot longer. The horses are not scared of many things, and they do have a lot of courage. Overall, their performance and endurance is just flat out amazing. They do have a very calm and gentle nature when they are brought up around humans. It is for this reason why the horse is a good horse to get for pleasure riding people. They do not like to work, and they prefer to just go out for runs every now and again. In fact, this is a horse that likes to run, and sometimes it can be hard to make them walk. They prefer to be moving fast.

If you have ever seen the movie Spirit, the mustang in that movie (called Spirit) is actually based on a real Kiger Mustang. This is a great horse that you are going to want to see. They have a great color to them, and they are very beautiful to watch. In fact, this is a breed of horse that a lot of people own just because they like the look of them. Others know what a great horse these horses can be, and they get them for that reason. No matter what kind of Kiger Mustang horse you get, or for whatever reason you get them, this is a horse that will be able to live up to your exceptions.


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