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The Mountain Pleasure Horse

There are tons of horses you could think about getting, but one of the best is the Mountain Pleasure Horse. These are horses that have been, pretty much, unchanged from when they first came about. In fact, these horses were first developed to help out in the Appalachian region during the late 1800's. Most of the time, a Mountain Pleasure Horse is a type of horse that is used as a Tennessee Walking horse. They are made so that they can walk up in high places without getting scared of heights. In fact, that is a big problem that a lot of other people have with the horses that they have. When you live in an area that is high up, it can be hard to use a horse. When they see that they are up high, they tend to freak out. This can be bad for you and the horse. The Mountain Pleasure Horses are of course, the answer to that problem and have been for a long time now.

It is hard to find any Mountain Pleasure Horses that are the same. These are breeds that vary a lot in the look and size. Some of them have a lot of Spanish features and others look like the larger breeds of today. However, no matter what they look like, they do have a certain size and hands high range that they have to fit into. Mountain Pleasure Horses have to be between 14.2 hands high and 15.2 hands high. Not only that, but they are suppose to weigh about 850 to 950 pounds. You will also notice that Mountain Pleasure Horses usually come in one solid color. This does include gray colors and roans.

There are many things that people like about Mountain Pleasure Horses. One of the best things that people like about them is their calm temperament. This is something that the Mountain Pleasure Horse has to have if it is going to be in high places, like on top of mountains. Even if you do not ride the horse in high areas, a lot of people still like the Mountain Pleasure Horse as a riding horse because of how calm they are. This is the perfect starter horse for anyone that is learning how to ride. This horse also tends to do great with families. They do not like to be alone, and they really do not like to be work horses either. These are not show animals at all. They are not super fast, and they can not jump very high. However, it is important to keep in mind that this is not what these kinds of horses were made for. These are horses that were made to just be used as a great pleasure riding horse.

Either way, you can not go wrong with the Mountain Pleasure Horse. It is a breed that a lot of people have learned to love, and they are going to keep loving them for a long time. If you want a breed that is perfect for family life, then the Mountain Pleasure Horse is for you.


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