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The Ob Pony is also known as the Priob. They are a notably rare breed found in western Siberia in Russia and are used as a Draft Pony. A Draft Pony is generally used for heavy tasks such as farm labor or as a pack animal. The Ob typically has a working life of approximately twenty years.  The Ob Pony is small in stature with a long back.  Ob Ponies are incredibly sturdy and enduring. The head of an Ob Pony is medium in length, the neck is short and thick, the withers are low, the legs are sturdy and muscular, and the hooves are wide. They generally stand approximately 13 to 14 hands high, which is a normal size for a pony. Colors vary in the Ob breed but are generally dun. Dun, grullo, and bay Ob Ponies typically have dun factor markings which include a dorsal stripe, shoulder stripes, and striping on the legs.

    Ob Ponies are wonderful work ponies as they are built so sturdily.  Many people prefer to use Ob Ponies for tough tasks as opposed to larger work horses, because the strength of the Ob is comparable—yet the size of the Ob makes it much easier to maneuver.  Additionally, Ob Ponies can get into places that larger work horses cannot.  As such, to many, the Ob Pony is the preferred work animal.

     If you are in the market for a great work horse, you should search for Ob Ponies for sale.  You can find Ob Ponies for sale from a horse breeder, local horse owners, or even on the internet.  If you find Ob Ponie for sale, be sure to look at all of your options and price compare.  The ages, abilities, dispositions, and other desired attributes will vary a great deal on the Ob Ponies for sale that you find.  Also, the prices of Ob Ponies for sale that you find will vary quite a bit as well.

    When you find the Ob Pony for sale that you must have, be sure to get to know him or her a bit before taking him or her to its new home.  Once you have found the Ob Pony for sale that will be your new pony, make sure that you have all of the horse accessories and supplies you will need.  If you are a first time horse owner, you will have a great deal of horse supplies to obtain.  If you own other horses, your new Ob Pony won't require many additional supplies.

    Finding Ob Ponies for sale is not a difficult task  Finding the Ob Pony for sale that is right for you is a bit more challenging.  However, if you are a horse lover, and take the time to get to know the Ob Ponies for sale that you meet, you will soon be spending time with your very own Ob Pony.


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