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Whenever you are talking about Palomino horses, you are actually talking about the coat color of the horse. Most of the time, a Palomino horse is a horse that has a gold coat and then has a white mane and tail. This is a color of the horse that is created genetically from just one single allele of a dilution gene. This gene is usually called the cream gene. The breed standard is suppose to look like a very new minted gold coin. However, a lot of times, people mistake horses that have a penny color to be a Palomino horse. Either way, some Palominos have a coat that ranges in many different colors. Some of them are almost all white, or a deep, dark, chocolate brown color. This, of course, is known as the chocolate Palomino horses. Most of the time, the skin of the horse and the eyes of the horse are dark. However, it is not uncommon to see a Palomino that has been born with the champagne gene. This is a gene that gives light colored eyes to younger horses, but they turn darker with age.

Some of the Palominos even have markings on their legs. However, to be a true Palomino horse , the markings can not go past the knees. They are even allowed to have some markings on their face but these are not allowed to pass the eyes. This is a horse that is very stunning to look at and that is why so many people have now fallen in love with this amazing horse. You can find a lot of people who search all over to find the perfect Palomino horse, but it can be harder than it sounds. You have to be careful not to buy a horse that is claimed to be a Palomino horse, but actually is not. A lot of people will try and pass off other horses as Palominos, because they are so popular. In fact, let's talk a little bit more about why the Palomino horses are so popular in this day and age.

Whenever you think about it, due to the unusual color of the Palominos, they tend to stand out in a show ring. Thus, these are the main horses that are used in parades, meaning that it can be hard for normal people to find them. On top of that, these kinds of horses were used in a lot of very popular movies and TV shows back in the 40's and 50's. One of the most famous horses that people remember being a Palomino horse is Trigger. That was the faithful mount of the very much loved Cowboy star Roy Rogers. Another famous horse that was a Palomino was Mr. Ed, on the TV show Mr. Ed. The real name of that horse was Bamboo Harvester, and he was a very easy horse to train. People love these horses because of their color, but their personalities are grand as well. If you are looking for the perfect family horse, then a Palomino is the horse for you. They are great pleasure riding horses as well.


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