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The Paso Fino is a horse that dates back many centuries in Spain. Many people love these horses for many different reasons. However, the reason why they are prized the most is because of their smooth natural gait. No only that, but they are very easy to train. Most people nowadays choose to use this horse for nothing more but endurance riding and, of course, trail riding. For being just one breed of horse, the Paso Finos come in a lot of different body styles. Thus, a lot of people have a hard time picking out a Paso Fino right away. These horses are very fun to own for many reasons, and we will get into that just a little bit more now. However, before you read on, you can note one thing for sure, these are horses that are worth having, and their personalities are top notch.

A lot of people who have had Paso Finos note a few different things about them. First of all, they like to talk about the drive of the animal. This is a natural drive that does not have to be trained into the animal. Not only that, but people like to talk about the willingness of the animal. This is an animal that loves to learn new things. Not only that, but this is an animal that dos not want to stop until it gets something right, meaning that if you are trying to teach the horse something and it does not get it right away, it is going to keep trying until it gets it. Also, these horses are willing to try just about anything. So, pretty much anything that a human asks the horse to do, it will do it without question.

Now, we have already covered the fact that this horse comes in a lot of different body types and sizes. However, we have not talked about the colors. The truth of the matter is, this horse comes in a wide variety of colors as well. Since the horse has a big build, it can very easily carry the larger riders more comfortably than smaller built horses. This means that they can carry larger people for an extended period of time as well. In fact, a single 800 lb Paso Fino can carry a rider that is over 6 feet tall, and weighs over 250 lb. Not only that, but it can do this over the worst of trails. This includes up hill and down hill. You name it the horse can do it. The reason why they can do this and other horses can not has to do with the way that they are built. Not only that, but with the way that they move as well.

These horses have been used for many things over the years. This means that they have been used for trails, cow penning, and just about anything in between. However, a lot of people are starting to find out that these horses do very well in endurance competition. They can go for long time spans without getting tired, and they can even carry large people for a long time span as well.

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