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Whenever you hear of POA, what do you think of? Well, you should think of the Pony of the Americas.  However, people call it POA for short. This is a type of pony that was made and developed to be a great child mount. The breed, of course, got its start in America, if you can not tell by the name. In fact, the breed got started by mistake! An Iowa breeder accidentally crossed a Shetland stallion with an Arabian mare. This produced a pony sized mount. The cool thing about it was the fact that it had stunning Appaloosa markings on it. The main propose of this pony nowadays is a horse for kids that need a larger mount than a small pony, however, are not ready for a full fledged horse, meaning that the bigger kids can ride the POA horses, can have a horse that is way easier for them to mount, as well as a horse that is easy for them to handle.

As you can guess, these horses are not very big. However, when you stand them next to an actual pony, you will see that they are a good deal bigger. In fact, most of them are about 11 to 13 hands high. Over time, these ponies have gotten bigger, and the size requirement has actually gone up. To be a POA, it has to be between 11.2 and 14 hands high. POA's are great horses that have very large and expressive eyes. They body of the horse, is more like a stock horse than anything else. The coloring of the POA, as said before, is like the markings of an Appaloosa. These markings should be visible from a distance of about 40 feet or more. The best thing about these horses is, of course, their amazing temperaments. They are super sweet horses that just love to be around people. They get along great with kids, and they can even get along with other animals. It is important to note that a POA does like to play more than other horses. If you have other horses, this is a pony that will expect to be brought out when you take out those horses. It is said that this horse knows that its smaller, but it does not like to act like it at all.

Overall, these are prefect horses for kids. They do cost a little bit more than most ponies, but they cost less than normal horses. Thus, you are left with the perfect horse for a child that is learning to ride, but is too big for ponies. The child that mounts this horse should know how to ride, however. If a POA finds out that the rider is new, then the horse well take them for a little bit of joy ride in places where the rider may not want to go. In the end, this is a horse that you are going to want to own. People love these animals, and it is pretty easy to see why. They just love to be around people, and people love these kinds of animals.

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