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Whenever people think of ponies, some think of baby horses. However, that is not what a pony is. In fact, ponies are just small horses with different kinds of temperaments. Just like normal size horses, there are tons of different breeds of ponies. When you compare a pony to a horse, the first thing that you will notice (besides, of course, the size) is the mane. The tail, coat, and mane of a pony is a lot thicker than that of a horse. They have very thick necks, and their heads are shorter. Now let's talk a little bit more about the temperaments of ponies.

First of all, ponies are usually considered to be very smart and intelligent. On top of that, most ponies are also said to be very friendly with people. On that same note, they are also very stubborn. This does not mean they are mean, because they are not; but they only do what they want to do. Of course, their degree of being stubborn is usually linked back to their training. A lot of proper training for a pony means less stubborn ponies. For example, a pony that is only going to be ridden by an inexperienced person, or a pony that is ridden by only beginners, is going to turn out to be your typical spoiled pony. This is because their riders are going to lack the experience to break the pony of its bad habits. If the ponies are trained right, then they are great mounts for kids. If its a large pony, then it can be ridden by adults. That is because ponies are actually quite strong.

So where do ponies come from? Well, you may not known this, but the pony is actually a wild horse prototype that did not really work out. They got their small stature due to living on margins horse habitats. From that point on, the pony actually got domesticated and then bred for a lot of different purposes. However, you are normally only going to see ponies in the Northern Hemisphere. When the pony first became domesticated, it was used for transport. Later on, they where used for children mounts and, of course, recreational riding. Then people started to noticed how strong the ponies where, and they where used to haul loads of coal from the mines.
Although they are not used for much work in the states, there are places in the world that actually use the ponies to do work for them. They can actually pull horse drawn vehicles, but it is best if they do this as a pack. Overall, ponies are used for many different things, and they are friendly animals. However, it is important to make sure that you train them right, and teach them right from wrong. If not, then they grow up to be like a spoiled child. Nobody wants that kind of pony, because they are very hard to control. If you are looking for a great horse for kids to ride on, or you are looking for a small animal that can help you on the farm, this is the horse for you.

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