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The Quarab horse is actually a cross breed horse. It is a cross between the American Quarter Horse and the Arabian Horse. So what do you get when you mix these two horses together? An amazing horse! You see, the American Quarter horse is already well known for its speed and its smarts. The Arabian horse is smart as well, and it has great agility and stamina. Thus, you get a super fast horse that is smart and can hold its top speed a lot longer than other quarter horses. The Quarab came about in 1989. To be a true Quarabs, the horse has to be mixed with the two horses that we talked about. These horses are very muscular, and they have well rounded hips. Normally, they are about 14 to 16 hands high. However, that is not the amazing thing about these horses. Since they are made up of two sports horses, they can do just about any kind of sporting event you can think of.

The Quarab horses do try out in a lot of events. It is not uncommon to see the Quarab in roping contests, as well as reining contest. A lot of other people like to put them in dressage competitions, as well as trail riding competitions. However, that is just the start of all of it. In fact, they are usually in jumping competitions, driving competitions, and even do a lot of endurance riding. The only thing that these horses do not do is, of course, the short distance riding. Although they are mixed with quarter horses that do great in short distance racing, many people think that the other horse that they are mixed with slows them down just a bit, not much but a little bit. However, what they lack in top speed now, they make up for in endurance. Thus, a lot of people think that these horses are better at work anyway. Not only that, a lot of people feel that these horses are better at transportation as well. Of course, no matter what you choose to use these horses for, you can count on one thing, and that is the fact that these horses are going to get done what you need to get done. Not only that, but they are going to do it fast.

Overall, you can not go wrong with Quarabs. These are horses that are great in just about any kind of field that you need them in. Whether you want them for pleasure riding, competitions, or just for work, these horses can do it. They are fairly easy to train, so you should not have a problem there as well. A Quarab horse can cost a lot of money, however. Although it started out as a mixed breed, it is now viewed as one of the best breeds that you can own. They are worth the money, and they are worth the time to try and find one to buy. This is a horse that is a perfect buy, and it's going to be well worth your money. However, you have to have the money to get one first, and they can cost a lot!


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