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The Racking horse is a type of horse that actually is derived from the Tennessee Walking Horse. The horse was recognized by the USDA back in 1978. Although this breed has not been around as long as a lot of other breeds of horses, they are still pretty well known. Whenever you think about Racking horses, they are known for one thing above all else, and that is their distinctive single foot gait. Also, this horse breed may have only been around a few years, but it still has its own association. In fact, its called the Racking Horse Breeders Association of America. It is located in Decatur, AL. The goal of this association is, of course, the same as many other associations built around horses. They want to reserve the breed and all of its natural glory. They would love to keep this horse in a natural state with no, or at least very little, artificial devices used to enhance its gait.

There are a few other things that you may notice about Racking horses. For example, the tail of the Racking horse is actually naturally raised without nicking it. A lot of people think that Racking horses all have nicked tails, but really, its just like that from the day it is born. Also, there are some classes that do allow special shoes (horse shoes) to be placed on the horse. These kinds of shoes are a way to enhance actions of the horse. You should also note that the practice of soring is illegal now under the Horse Protection Act. For those of you that do not know what soring is, this is the act of placing chemicals on the legs of the horse. This makes it run in a certain way so that it develops the gait that you want it to have. However, these chemicals blister the legs of the horse very bad. It is a very painful thing for the horse to go through. The reason why we bring this up is because it was done a lot to the Tennessee Walking horse and, of course, Racking horses as well.

Overall, this is a great horse that you are going to love to ride. They have a very smooth ride, which gives them a certain edge, if you will, over other horses. People love to learn to ride on these horses, because it gives you a very good first outing on horses. Others who ride on other horses tend to think that riding is painful and not worth it. However, that is not the case whenever you are riding on a Racking horse. Some people think that its due to the small nature of the horse, but people have noticed that Racking horses do prefer to be ridden by women. They seem, overall, happier and preform a lot better. Either way, this is a very powerful horse that can carry a grown man. However, there are some weight requirements that should be meet before getting on this horse. They are not the smallest horses in the world, but they are not the biggest either.

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