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The Rheinland Pfalz Saar

There are a lot of warmblood horses out there in the world. One such horse would be the Rheinland Pfalz Saar from Germany. In fact, this is a horse that was bred in Rhineland Palatinate and, of course, Sarrland. That is where it gets its name from. However, this horse is not known as the Rheinland Pfalz Saar. In fact, in some places, Rheinland Pfalz Saar horses are known as Zweibrucker horses. Of course, no matter what you call the Rheinland Pfalz Saars, one thing is for sure, they are very elegant horses with very large frames. They are mostly used for a sports horse because of how powerful they are. Most of them are suited for dressage shows and jumping shows. However, a lot of them are also used in event and combined driving.

Whenever you are looking to spot a Rheinland Pfalz Saar, there is a very easy way to find one. All of the horses that are bred are branded on their left hind leg. These brands, of course, feature two bridges of the city of Zweibrucker. This is then topped with a representation of the duke's crown. Without these brands, it is almost impossible, or some would say not possible, to distinguish these horses from other German warmblood horses. Some people try and make money on the fact that a lot of people do not know that. Some of those horses are only sold on appearance alone. Those kinds of horses do not have what it takes to be sports hoses. In the past, it has been a big problem with people making their own brands to look like the Rheinland Pfalz Saar brand. Thus, these horses look just the same. People are then able to sell a normal German horse as a Rheinland Pfalz Saar and make a lot of money.

These horses come in a lot of different colors, and they are usually about 16 hands high at the age of three. No matter what color you are looking for, it should not be hard to find Rheinland Pfalz Saars in that color. Although, a lot of people have never heard of the Rheinland Pfalz Saar horses outside of Germany. Thus, trying to talk to people about these horses can be hard at times. The best thing that you can do is look online to see if you can find information about these horses. Remember as well that most of these horses do go by different names. So if one of their names do not work, try looking for them in another way.

These horses are well worth the money that you pay for them. However, you have to make sure that they are indeed the horse that you think that you are buying. If you end up buying the wrong style horses, and you think that you are getting a Rheinland Pfalz Saar, then you put a lot of money down the drain. These are great horses that people really do love. If you have been looking for the perfect horse, this one is for you.


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