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The Saddlebred horse, also called the American Saddlebred horse, has changed names. It used to be know as just the American Saddle Horse. Either way, it is a horse that was developed in Kentucky by different plantation owners. They may have first been used to work on farms, but today it is much more common to see them used in saddle seat style riding competitions. They are sometimes used in dressage, hunting, and jumping competitions as well. For those of you that do not know, dressage competitions are the ones that are like training competitions. They are used to see how well a horse has been trained and how easy is it for the rider to preform certain actions on the horse without the horse acting out. The horse is graded on how well they did in the task that was given to them, as well as if the horse acted out against the trainer at all. Although a lot of people like to say that a dressage competition is all about the horse, it really has a lot to do with the rider as well.

Other people like to use Saddlebreds to go trail riding on. Due to their steady temperament, they are perfect to take on trails without having to worry about the horse freaking out on you. Most people choose to take Saddlebred horses on the harder trails, because you need a horse that is going to trust you and will not start freaking out in the middle of a hard trail. We know that horses are big animals, but they tend to get freaked out very easily. When you have them on a hill or a mountain and they can not see the ground, they tend to become afraid and act out. You need a horse that is going to have a steady footing and known what to do. On that same note, however, these horses are very sensitive to things. If it feels that it has made you mad or did something that you did not want it to do, then you can bet that the horse is going to become sad and not know what to do after that. Thus, it is very important to show the horse that you are happy with the way things are going.

Overall, these horses have great stamina and great personality. As you can see, these are two great things to have in a horse. With the right kind of training, these are horses that can handle just about any task that you can throw their way. As long as you are with the horse, then these horse are happy. You want to be able to keep your horse happy in order to make sure that it does everything that you want it to do. If you have been looking for the perfect horse to go trail riding on, these are the perfect horses for you. Pick yourself up a Saddlebred, and let it show you what a great horse it makes. These are some of the best horses that money can buy.

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