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If you are looking for the greatest sports horse in all of France, then you have to look no further than the Selle Francais. This is a horse that is renowned for its great jumping abilities. People come from all over to watch Selle Francais horses perform in jumping shows. The great thing about these horses is that they do not just have to be in jumping shows. They are also very good in dressage shows and event shows. So what makes these horses so good for spots? The main thing is the fact that they are strong with good bones. Some horses have weak bones that tend to break pretty easily. These horses have strong bones that can take the pressure off jumping and landing. On top of that, they are very bold and fast. They are not afraid to try and make big jumps. Last, but not least, these horses are also very trainable. That is very important when it comes to entering horses into shows.

Now, most people only talk about the Selle Francais as a jumping horse. However, some people use them as racing horses as well. If you wanted to, you could even use these animals as just leisure riding horses. Not only that, but some people like to even use these horses in schooling where they teach you to ride horses. This is because these horses are so easy to train that they can help people get a feel for riding. These horses are really good all-purpose horses. People can use them for just about anything, and that is the whole point to these horses. They are not just suppose to be used for one thing, they are suppose to be used for lots of things.

These horses are pretty big, standing at about 16 hands high. They can be a lot of different colors as well. However, most colors seem to be bay and chestnut. There are black ones out there, as well as brown ones. However, most people seem to like the chestnut color. This must be because a lot of other horses you can not get in the chestnut color. So not only are you getting a horse that is great, but you are getting it in a color that you can not always get horses in. Overall, these are amazing horses that you are going to want to take out riding. You are not just going to want to leave these horses to roam around. They have so many possibilities as to what they can be that it is very cool to see what you can make of them. Is your horse going to be a great jumper or a great run? Are you going to use yours in shows or just for pleasure? The possibilities go on and on. Kids can even use these horses when they are big enough to mount them. These horses do really good at listening to whoever mounts them. They are not the type of horse that you are going to have to train the same moves over and over. You can teach it one move, and it is going to know that move forever.

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