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The Shagya breed was developed in the 19th century on the noteworthy military stud farms of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The Shagya breed is frequently considered to be a subspecies of Arabian horse, but due to a small amount of non-Arabian breeding they are sometimes considered an Anglo-Arabian or part bred Arabian in some places. Originally, these predominantly, but not pure, Arabian horses were referred to by the generic term Araberrasse. The term means of Arab "race" or breed, indicating predominant Arabian ancestry, but the term was changed after World War II into Shagya by the Hippologist, Dr. Gramazky. Dr. Gramazky was afraid that the non-purebred descendants of Shagya would be mixed up with the purebred Arabian Horses that were also produced in Hungary. At that time, Shagya was chosen because the name was in every pedigree, without exception, as an ancestor, though many other Arabian bloodlines are also a part of the Shagya breed. While Shagyas are not considered pure Arabians, they have a closed stud book and have special status within the WAHO (World Arabian Horse Association). WAHO has stated Shagya Arabians that have been bred pure according to the Babolna and Topolcianky system may be termed “purebred Shagya Arabians”. However, WAHO also stated that “purebred" in this case means that the horses have been bred pure among themselves and are not to be confused with the term "purebred Arabian."


    The Shagya Arabian displays traits akin to the purebred Arabian horse. Some shared traits are the high carried tail, supreme endurance, and sound bone. Shagyas tend to be about 15 to 16 hands tall.  Shagyas are medium to large sized horses.


    Shagyas are used as riding horses and are also driven in harness. They are popular in Sport Horse disciplines such as dressage, eventing and endurance riding.


The Shagya were a favorite of The Imperial Guard of the Habsburgs in Vienna and they were the beautiful parade horses of Europe’s royalty. Today the Shagya breed is usually seen in the Czech Republic, Romania, Austria, Poland, Germany, Hungary, and in the former Yugoslavian countries but has also been exported to other countries and is bred around the world


 If you are in the market for a great riding horse, you should search for Shagya Horses for sale.  You can find Shagya Horses for sale from a horse breeder, local horse owners, or even on the internet.  If you find Shagya Horses for sale, be sure to look at all of your options and price compare.  The ages, abilities, dispositions, and other desired attributes will vary a great deal on the Shagya Horses for sale that you find.  Also, the prices of Shagya Horses for sale that you find will vary quite a bit as well.


    When you do find the Shagya for sale that you must have, be sure to get to know him or her a bit before taking him or her to its new home.  Once you have found the Shagya for sale that will be your new horse, make sure that you have all of the horse accessories and supplies you will need.  If you are a first time horse owner, you will have a great deal of horse supplies to obtain.  If you own other horses, your new Shagya Horse won't require many additional supplies.

    Finding Shagya Horses for sale is not a difficult task  Finding the Shagya for sale that is right for you is a bit more challenging.  However, if you are a horse lover, and take the time to get to know the Shagya Horses for sale that you meet, you will soon be spending time with your very own Shagya.


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