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There are a lot of big breeds in the world, but one of the biggest is the Shire horse, which is a type of draft horse. To give you an idea of just how big the Shires can be, a stallion can stand about 18 hands high, and that is just the normal size. There are a few that can stand even higher than that. As you can guess, these kinds of horses are very powerful, and they are mostly used to pull things. They have very long legs, and they have powerful hind quarters. Whenever you first see these horses, however, it can be a little scary. Mostly because you do not know what to think about them. These are horses that can be used for just normal riding, but some people find it very hard to mount them.  Most people say that their weight is that of a “short ton.”

These massive horses come in a few different colors. Most of them come in black, bay and gray. In the United Kingdom, however, you can find these horses in chestnut as well. The funny thing about these horses is the fact that they are very friendly. Although they are really big, they love to be around people. There have been problems getting these horses to mate in some parts of the world. Some breeders have said that the stallions are just to big for the mares. This can cause problems down the road. That is because the mares are staying about the same size and the stallions keep growing. Besides this problem, the horses are fine. They do not have any other health problems, and they usually live a long life. However, normally the few mares that can stand to mate with the stallions are the ones that are held onto and mated with.

All in all, these are not horses for kids. These are not even really horses that most girls can get on top of. However, it is said that these horses like females more than males. This could just be a natural attraction, but no one knows for sure. Some say that they think that it's the sound of the woman's voice that the horse finds relaxing. Others feel it could be other things. In the end, these horses are used to pull big things and have been used as beer horses! People love to go to shows to see these horses in action, and to get a chance to see them one on one. If you are a man and you want to use these horses as a mount, there is a good chance that you are going to need a chair to be able to get on top of these horses. However, they are very loving horses, and they really just want to be able to work and be loved. These horses do get along with other animals as well, and they do like kids. People say this is because they view things smaller than it as children or babies, meaning that this is how the horse may even see grown men and women.


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