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The Spanish Mustang is a horse that has a lot of historic importance. In fact, sometimes people do not call them Spanish Mustangs at all, but Colonial Spanish Horses. A lot of people wondered how they got in America, but most people agree that they descended from the horses that were introduced from Spain during the age of the Spanish conquest in the Americas. Of course, you will not find a lot, if any, of these horses in Spain. That is because they are a breed of horse that is pretty much extinct nowadays in Spain. This horse does live on now, however, in the Americas. They are Spanish Mustangs that can be found roaming the countryside.

A lot of times, people get the feral American Mustangs mixed up with the Spanish Mustangs. There are horses that are descended from the Spanish Horses that run wild, because they are protected from people by the Bureau of Land Management, also known as the BLM. The real Spanish Mustangs, however, do different from the wild American Mustangs that you can find all over the land. They also differ a bit now from their ancestry. The best way that you can describe a Spanish Mustang is by saying that it is an average height of about 14 hands high. They have very proportional weight that can be seen all over their body. They have a very smooth muscle build that ends with short backs. They have pretty low set tails as well, compared to other horses.

Overall, this is a very pretty horse. Although you can find some in the wild, you can find some that are actual horses that you can use. It is a good idea to look up more information on these horses, however. That is because the wild ones have a much different look than the non wild ones. It's also important to note that the wild ones are illegal to own. Thus, you can see why it would be a big deal if you could not tell a wild one from a non wild one. A lot of “breeders” will try to capture wild ones and pass them off on people who do not know better. If you get caught with the illegal horse, you are the one that is going to get into trouble.  That is because these so called breeders are very hard to ever find again after you buy a horse from them.

These are nice horses, however, but the best thing about them is their look. Unlike some horses, these horses can make you stop and stare at them. They have an amazing beauty about them, and it's almost as if the horse knows it. Their coats are shiny and soft, and they have an amazing run. Not only that, but they look amazing when their hair blows in the wind. If you are looking for a world class horse, this is the one for you. It has a big history, and it means a lot to a lot of people. There are a ton of horses out there, but none of them are going to touch or move you in the way that this horse does.


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