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There are a lot of big breeds of horses out there. However, one of the biggest breeds that people know of is Draft horses. One such Draft horse would have to be the Spotted Draft horse. These are horses that have a lot of certain Draft horse characteristics that let them fit right in. However, their coloring is very different than other Draft horses. In fact, they have kind of a pinto coloring that gives this Draft horse a much different look. If you have ever seen Draft horses, then you know that, usually, they have solid coloring. Spotted Draft horses give a little bit of color and difference to the normal look of the Draft horse, and that is why people like them so much. Most people say that the first ever recorded Spotted Draft horse was believed to have been a Drum horse for the court of Queen Elizabeth the first.  Of course, over the course of history, Draft horses, like the Spotted Drafts, have been used for a lot of different purposes. During the middle ages these horses were used as war mounts for men, because of the large size of the horse.

The even temperaments of the Spotted Draft, as well ass its willingness to work and do what it is told has opened the door to a lot of possibilities for this horse. In places like the Netherlands, the Spotted Draft horse was used to do things like pull fishing nets up stream to catch fish. In places like America, they were used to plow fields. Not only that, because they were so strong, they played a huge role in the making of the railroads for different areas. In other places these horses are rode by royalty because of the pure size of the horse. They are suppose to be larger than life, just like the people who ride on their backs. No matter what the horse does, it is normally used as a working horse, this is how the horse prefers it. When it is not working, it will become depressed like it is not fulfill its life dream.

To be a Spotted Draft horse, you, of course, have to have the right pattern. Not only that, but it has to have a large frame and have a very dense bone. The forearms and the thighs of the horse are short, but very strong. This is just an overall powerful horse. However, just because it is powerful does not mean that you are going to have to fight it on everything that you want them to do. In fact, that is what makes the horse so grand. They are such great horses that it is easy to see why people want them. They have a willingness to work and to get thing done. They like to be ridden, and they get a kick out of spending time with humans. They like, pretty much, all other animals, and they like to be around other things, no matter if they are human or animals. They do not want to be alone.

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