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So what is a thoroughbred horse? Most of the time, a thoroughbred is a type of horse that is best known as a racing horse. Most of the time, the term thoroughbreds is used to talk about any kind of purebred horse. It actually has a different meaning all together. In fact, it technically refers to only the Thoroughbred breed. The actual Thoroughbred breed is considered a hot blooded horse, meaning that they are well known for their agility, as well as their speed. A lot of these horses are pretty well known, as well as being very high in spirit, and it is hard to break that spirit of the horse, which is something that you do not want to do. When the spirit of the horse is broken, it losses its need to run, meaning that it is no longer of any use to the horse breeders, as well as the horse racers. Now let's talk a little bit more about the thoroughbred horses and where they were first developed. We will also talk about what kind of horses were first used to make Thoroughbred horses.

Thoroughbreds first came around in the 17th century. They were first developed in England. The way that they came about making this horse was to cross the imported Arabian stallions with some of their native mares. The cool thing about Thoroughbred horses is the fact that they can all trace their bloodlines back to three horses. These where horses that were brought in to mate with other horses in the 1700s. However, these three horses mated with about 74 different mares, so tracing those bloodlines down is a little bit harder to do, but can still be done. These Thoroughbred horses spread really fast through the world after that. A lot of them got imported into North America in 1730. After that, they were moved into other parts of Europe, Japan, and Australia in the 1800's. They say that millions of these thoroughbred horses can be found today. They exist all over the world, and over 118,000 new ones get registered every year.

Most of the time, a Thoroughbred is just used for racing. However, a few of them are used for discipline as well. For example, this would mean that they are used for riding in shows, jumping competitions, and also dressages. A few thoroughbreds are even used to do fox hunting. It really depends on where you go, however, to determine what you are going to see these horses used for. In America, the horses are normally only used for racing, and that is all. This is actually a sad thing. Most people do not know this, but compared to all other animal and human sporting events, horse racing actually has the highest fatality rate. Last, but not least, since all of these horses can be linked back to three other horses, there is not much different in the gene pool. Thus, these horses actually have a lot of health problems. These are the same health problems that you would get out of a purebred dog. Whenever you mix up a breed, you are doing more than just inventing a new breed. You are also saving these animals from a lot of the same genetic problems they have always had that just keep getting worse.


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