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The Tiger Horse is a very old variety of horse originating in Spain.  The Tiger Horse was so named not for any stripes but for its leopard spots.  Spaniards of the time did not have a word for "leopard", and instead referred to all patterned felines as "tigers".  Thus, the leopard-spotted pattern on the Tiger Horse led the Spanish to refer to it as "tiger".  As such, the Tiger Horse is noted for its unusual and sought-after color pattern.  Many people find the name of Tiger Horses confusing because of their spots, but Tiger Horse lovers have grown accustomed to the odd nomenclature.


    Tiger Horses have been used as base breeding stock for other varieties of old European Horses, such as the Knabstrup Horse and the Appaloosa.  The Tiger Horse is a much older variety of horse.  Tiger Horses were introduced into North America by Spanish colonists, and also became popular among Native American tribes, as horses spread across the new continent.  The Nez Perce tribe, for instance, was renowned for its use of Tiger Horses, and managed to breed very quick horses, which aided in the famous Nez Perce escape of 1877, where the tribe fought a running battle to the Canadian border after refusing to be confined to a government reservation.


    Modern Tiger Horses have become popular once again, and efforts are being made to reestablish a full-fledged Tiger Horse breed in North America as well as Spain.  As this unusual horse has been widely bred with other horses, to create entirely new breeds of horses, the Tiger Horse breed has been diluted, although many true Tiger Horses remain.


    Tiger Horses are exceptionally fast and nimble, and North American Tiger Horses are particularly well-adapted to rough terrain.  Many Tiger Horses are still in the possession of Native American tribes who have maintained their breed ever since first gaining access to horses.  The Tiger Horse also has a very smooth gait, making it an excellent horse for trail riding.  The Tiger Horse also has sport capabilities, as well, if you are looking for a sport horse.


    If you're looking for a venerable horse with a unique and colorful past, consider a Tiger Horse.  Finding Tiger Horses for sale is a fairly simple task, and there are many vividly colored Tiger Horses for sale.  Finding the Tiger Horse for sale that is right for you is a much more challenging task.  However, if you are a horse lover, and take the time to get to know the Tiger Horse for sale that you meet, you will soon be spending time with your very own Tiger Horse.


    Because Tiger Horses are so venerable and unique, be prepared to show your horse off to all of your friends.  Tiger Horses usually don't seem to mind the adoring attention that is paid them, as long as your friends are familiar with the proper way to interact with horses.  Before you introduce your Tiger Horse to everyone you know, make sure it is comfortable in its new home.


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