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The Welsh Cob is actually a pony. In fact, it is the largest sized animal within the Welsh pony category See, there are actually four types of ponies in the Welsh Pony family. Welsh cobs can not be under 13.2 hands high, but they are not allowed to be over 14.2 hands high. This allows very little room for error on their growth stage. These are the rules that have to be be met when it comes to registration of the animal itself. For the most part, you are going to notice that Welsh Cob horses have about the same personalities as other ponies in the Welsh family. Today we are going to cover those personality traits a little bit closer so you will know what to expect whenever you are riding on one of theses animals. That is the thing to remember about these animals. They can be used for riding, but they can also be used to pull things as well. That is because of the pure size of them. Although they can not pull big things, they can pull things carrying about two people on them.

Like we already said, today the Welsh Cob is used mostly as a harness driving animal. However, they can be used as saddle animals as well. No matter what you choose to use them as, you will not have a problem out of them. That is because these horses are super friendly and super easy to train. That is a strong selling point of Welsh Cobs. They are easy to take care of as well. However, they are super friendly animals, and they like to be around people. This is not a horse that you can just send out to the field and forget about it. This is one that you will have to spend time with. It is going to most likely follow you around wherever you go when you are out in the field. This is unlike some horses that will try and get away from you, because they do not like humans. People also say that Welsh Cob horses are smart. They are always learning, and they like to watch whatever you do. They can also be trained to be hunting horses, as well as jumping horses. The problem is that these horses jump really good and have been known to jump out of gates and other things like that.

Overall, these are great animals that people really seem to fall in love with. They are fun to be around, and for the most part, are easy to control. That is why they make great riding horses for kids. However, normally you would go with a smaller Welsh pony than the Cob as a riding horse for a child. As the kid grows up, the Cob is a type of horse that they can use, and the horse will actually be able to support the child as it grows up. That is another major selling point to the Welsh Cob horses.

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